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a type of network technology for local area networks

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11g; un puerto WAN y cuatro Ethernet 10/100 Mbps; tecnologia de multiples entradas y multiples salidas (MIMO), con 2TX/2 RX; protocolos paraADSL PPPoE, PPTP y L2TP; soporta WPA-PS K, WPA2-PSK, WPAy WPA2; incluye dos antenas inteligentes internas.
The Regulated PPPoE Account Service is used to provide special dynamic IP addresses that enable access to SMF systems that use the IIJ SMF sx Service.
Administrator PPPoE account configuration In addition to the PPPoE account configuration that is necessary for regular network connections, a new administrator's PPPoE account configuration feature enables the user to utilize FLET'S sessions that are specialized in administrating remote service adapters.
11 (Kismet), IPv6, ICMPv6, PPP, and PPPoE protocols.
support for PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet), which accommodates dial-in configurations;
With the new features of enhanced IPTV test, video quality analysis, the addition of VoIP, DHCP and PPPoE protocols, Shenick customers can now test critical IPTV, triple play, broadband services performance and quality issues within a single system.