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surgical resection of unnecessary palatal and oropharyngeal tissue to open the airway

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A day will come when the candidates will be seen standing in queues to obtain the ticket of PPP, he hoped.
Commenting on victory of his party candidates, Waqar Mehdi felicitated PPP candidates on triumph in Sindh's eight districts.
He added that PPP would set an example for those who considered election as game and after which they remained absent from their respective areas.
Within the framework of this research work, parties interested in PPP processes were interviewed.
Economic Affairs, DEA) as well as at ADB%s PPP unit in New Delhi.
The PML-N fielded Mazhar Qayum Nahra and has thus created hatred for the PML-N in the heart of Rajputs of the area who felt ignored and unanimously decided to support the PPP candidate Rana Tassadaq Masood.
Bilalwal House and the PPP anger: The post-Benazir PPP in Sindh has undergone an evolution whereby "friends of the President" like Mirza and Durrani have sidelined the traditional PPP leadership consisting of Nisar Khuhro, Manzoor Wasan and Pir Mazhar.
Other like-minded also gave a piece of advice to party leadership "if we do not join each other, God forbid, Pakistan may lose its existence, which could neither be in favour of the PPP nor the PML-N.
The PPP had initially agreed with coalition partner Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz that the judges would be restored but then backtracked, saying this would be part of a package to restore the constitution to as it existed in 1973.
whenever the dollar deviates substantially from its PPP value.
For instance, PPP (the former American National Can business) has a strong presence in North America and is a leading force in flexible and rigid plastic food and cosmetics packaging.
The mentor teachers and the pre-service students were asked to describe the three greatest strengths of the PPP and the three greatest weaknesses of the PPP program.
The PPP fielded 162 NA candidates and got 47 seats from Punjab, 33 from Sindh, 5 from NWFP and 1 from Balochistan.
Contactless payment solutions continue to gain momentum in the US, and we're looking forward to a long and successful relationship with PPP to help accelerate this trend.