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an index of changes in wholesale prices

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Mrs Plevin, a 59-year old college lecturer, had been charged PS5,780 as an upfront PPI premium on a PS39,870 loan.
Cardno CEO, Michael Renshaw said the acquisition of PPI is in line with the firm's strategy of expansion in attractive growth markets such as energy.
If they do not have a reference number, but you believe that you have been sold PPI, ask them to provide details for whoever the underwriter was for their PPI products.
You applied for a loan online where the box for PPI was automatically ticked.
If you think you have a claim, fear you may be out of time or had your PPI claim rejected or fit into any of those situations above, please join me on twitter tonight (@ deandunham) and tweet me your questions.
5) The PPI for personal consumption does not include owners' equivalent rent within its scope, because owners' equivalent rent is not a domestically produced, marketable output.
The first VAR, composed of the PPI for unprocessed foodstuffs and feedstuffs, the PPI for finished consumer food, and the CPI for food consumed at home, will be referred to as VAR-HOME.
Furthermore, the PPI Policy may only cover five years of a 20-year loan.
Pushed heavily by banks and often sold alongside loans and credit cards, PPI policies are often expensive - Citizens Advice says premiums are three times the cost of actually providing the cover - and many plans do not provide the anticipated level of cover.
Under the current regulations, a retailer may select indexes from the CPI or the PPI.
The remaining PPI distributors have suffered the perfect storm from regulation, redress costs, and the recession and the next few years will be challenging.
Top Picks is a form-based application for both Industry Data and Commodity Data that allows the user to quickly obtain PPI time series data by selecting the high-level aggregate and other commonly requested time series, including the All Commodities Index and the FD-ID indexes (for example, Final Demand).
For example, we have represented many clients who have said that they never agreed to PPI on their loan or credit card, but have no proof, and after we have requested their loan or credit card documents from the lender, we noticed that the box for opting to take PPI had been computer ticked or ticked by someone other than the client, with a different pen mark.
AS everyone rushes to claim back the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) on their loans now that the banks have lost their judicial review challenge, a very important consideration that is often overlooked is the mis-sold PPI on their credit cards.
PPI, the nation's largest privately held technology learning solutions company, is expanding to provide full-service solutions to assist clients by providing training for the new business processes that ERP installations often require.