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a person who surrenders to (or is taken by) the enemy in time of war

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9.50: C Edward (Pow); K Norman (Pow); B Sloan (DC); C McKee (DC).
With the POW, the need to secure an online appointment is no longer required as applicants are required to bring only the required documents and processing fee.
Poole reported that in May 1916 at the officer POW camp in Neisse: 'we bought a cinematograph from the Germans, and used to give shows three nights a week'.
The death marches, which involved a distance of about 260km during the Japanese occupation in World War II, claimed the lives of more than 2,400 POW who were moved from the Sandakan POW camp to Ranau following the bombing of an airfield in Sandakan.
Hurst, who has studied the history of Taiwan's POW camps for 23 years, said the POWs, including civilian internees such as nurses, engineers and other servicemen, endured horrific mental and physical torture when they were held in the camps.
With the score against Devon poised at three-apiece, Pow and George Adams were selected to contest the thrilling shoot-out decider, a Championship tie-break of first pair to 10 points.
Pow said Wellworth initially planned to build a condominium but decided to go into the hotel industry because a lot of the developers such Ayala Land Inc.
Peck was a highly decorated combat veteran who quit his job as chief of the DIA's POW branch, accusing the government of a "cover-up" and reiterating Tighe's conclusion that the government had a "mindset to debunk." Wrote Peck in his resignation letter:
So far, POW has served 12 cities, eight municipalities and more than 25,000 passport applicants all around the country.
Sure enough, the second shoe dropped again: "We're turning you over to the British." So he spent two more years in a British POW camp before finally being repatriated to Germany.
Aside from releasing the two POWs, we will also turn over before you two other captives we held today, Ibarra said.
Target: POW Gloves, Holden Outerwear and Spacecraft Collective
The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Plan of Work (PoW) was first introduced more than 50 years ago, with a recent shake-up in 2013 introducing new work stages, terminology and a new stage referencing system.
Within Captured, Mansell tells the story of the Guam POWs in significant detail--time spent in Guam prior to the Japanese invasion, their actions during the attack, their capture and subsequent movement to the POW camps in Japan, their years in captivity, and their ultimate release from the camps following Japan's surrender.
He pointed out the large number of refugees, deportees and survivors of Israeli atrocities who were arrested which made Israeli leaders later on build detention camps because the releasing of or getting rid of any Palestinian POW necessitates the construction of detention camps and the releasing of any POW and requires the approval of an Israeli intelligence officer.