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a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for

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With our commitment to the RightAnswers partnership, we can help clients create an ideal service desk solution that combines the power of SaaS-based knowledge and on-premise Wendia POB deployments that is fully integrated with Wendia's CMDB--not simply added on--and that is tailored to the specific needs of the client.
I am told that some, including members of the Panel on Audit Effectiveness that the POB created at the behest of Levitt, entertain a notion that has arisen before--that the board should be statutorily established and given powers to do things that it cannot at present legally do.
I think it is timely and beneficial for the POB to have expanded its oversight of the AICPA's ethics activities and auditing standards board.
Meanwhile, as the JofA went to press, the Panel on Audit Effectiveness, which the POB convened to assess independence issues, released an exposure draft of a report stating that "both the profession and the quality of its audits are fundamentally sound" and that the POB's research did not "identify any instances in which providing nonaudit services had a negative effect on audit effectiveness.
The agreement on the special reviews was reached directly between the Big Five firms and the SEC, independent of the POB and the SECPS.
Vaussard, who brought up many generations of POB dancers including Platel.
Is the alphabet soup of regulatory bodies--the POB, the AICPA's PEEC, SECPS, ASB and the ISB--really workable?
Biggs' "distinguished and varied career will serve him well as a member of the POB.
For Brown, long admired and supported in France (last December she was named Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters), the collaboration is the second part of a three-year project with the POB.
The McCloy award was established by the POB in 1988.
BOTTOM ROW Just don't try pushing them around: The sultan in the Milwaukee Ballet staging of Scheherazade; Anita Paciotti and Yuri Possokhov in the SFB staging of Flemming Flindt's The Lesson; MariaClaude Pietragalla as Death in the POB staging of Roland Petit's Le Jeune Homme et La Mort.
On completion of his term on December 31st he will have served the POB longer than any current or prior Board member.
Such was the case when, on the occasion of Claude Bessy's impending retirement, the former Paris Opera Ballet etoile was enthusiastically hailed for her thirty-plus years at the helm of the POB School.
The POB, based in Stamford, Connecticut, is an autonomous five-member body that appoints its own members and establishes its own operating procedures.
The report cited the school's director, former POB etoile Claude Bessy, for her "authoritative and derogatory nature" toward the school's 130 students and noted the inadequate medical attention at the school and the isolation of the students.