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Initially developed for the North Sea oil and gas industry to efficiently monitor and control the movements of personnel to and from offshore facilities, Vantage POB is now used by 65 oil and gas operators from as far afield as Alaska and Australia.
The mission of the POB School is to train dancers for the Paris Opera, but I wanted to give others a chance to experience what we have here," she says.
Vantage POB also tracks personnel certifications, training, trips, days spent offshore, access privileges and a variety of other information for both onshore and offshore installations through an easy-to-use web interface.
Dr Hussain said that the POB Trust was acting as a driving force to raise global awareness of the need to prevent blindness in developing countries.
At the same time, state and local tax revenues have fallen, making it more difficult for governments to find the money In this situation, some jurisdictions will consider issuing POBs to make their annual required contributions.
In the following years, he became closely involved with the profession, serving on the FASAC (1977-81) and the AICPA board (1980-84) before heading the POB.
The POB has publicly reported on its activities as the primary oversight vehicle of the SEC Practice Section, with the SEC having oversight of the entire self-regulatory process.
The POB said in a letter to Pitt that the "decision was made reluctantly, but members of the Board felt we had no other recourse.
24, 2001 to: CC: ITA:RU (Notice 2001-55), Room 5226, Internal Revenue Service, POB 7604, Ben Franklin Station, Washington, DC 20044.
In its primary recommendations, the POB suggests including a "forensic-type phase" in each audit and that auditors receive antifraud training.
The POB report advocates tort reform, mandatory management reports on internal controls, mandatory audits of management's report and expanded roles for boards of directors' audit committees.
NET Platform enhances Wendia's POB (Point Of Business) key offering of Speed, Flexibility, and Integration.
Dr Misbah said POB has been working since July 2007 for the cause and managed to protect numerous people from permanent blindness and that these people mainly comprised those who could not afford to pay for necessary treatment.
POB will be Solomon Islands 4th commercial bank to provide a range of banking services to the public.
Since the licence is on an interim basis, POB will not be allowed to offer banking business to the public in Solomon Islands until it meets certain conditions, said the CBSI.