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a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for

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The last two appointments to the POB were men whose careers included a period of practice in major firms.
The POB Trust aims to provide free diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases for the poor patients, and it has set up a number of camps in the far flung areas of the country.
Further, Levitt called for limits on the kinds of consulting services firms can perform for their audit clients, recommended that a majority of the ISB's members be drawn from outside the profession and expressed his support for the new POB charter, which would expand its power to issue and enforce auditor independence rules.
Significantly, Levitt said he was "saddened to learn that the AICPA's SECPS Planning Committee informed the POB that it was 'cutting off' its funding for the special independence compliance reviews" of the other four Big Five firms, as planned in the wake of the PricewaterhouseCoopers investigation.
Dilyn Pob Cam is pleasant enough; but with its belt-and-braces approach to choice of musical styles - all the songs are very studiously harmonious, yet too different from one another to provide coherence - it lacks the definite sense of personality that makes the great records of songwriters like Jack Johnson so memorable.
The POBS demos (Les Portes Ouvert) were started in the '70s by previous director Claude Bessy, who, during the 30 years of her tenure, is credited with raising the level of training to one of the best in the world (see "Dance Matters," July 2003).
Bowsher has been a member of the POB since 1997, after completing his 15-year term as Comptroller General.
Credaf mae'n amser nawr i ystyried gwelliannau o gwmpas pob un o'n argaeau.
"Mae tair coeden Nadolig yn ein ty ni ac eleni dwi i wedi prynu taflunydd sy'n taflu lluniau peli eira ar ochr y ty - classy iawn!" "Hefyd mae'n amser teulu - er dyw'r Nadolig ddim yn amser hawdd i bawb ond mae pob dim yn stopio.
The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has published the results of the Official Baccalaureate Proof (POB) and the Official Professional Baccalaureate Proof (POB PRO) held in May and this month, respectively.
where NEL, NEM, NES, Z, POS, POM, POB are the membership functions in fuzzy set as shown in Table 1.
"She is an all-arounder," says POB director Aurelie Dupont, who promoted Baulac to etoile on New Year's Eve last season, after her debut as Odette/Odile in Swan Lake.
The measure aims to boost their morale after the fear of phi pob had stressed them out, Mr Wirat said.
According to PCG, the anti-illegal fishing operation was conducted by men from Coast Guard Station Northern Quezon, Coast Guard Station Real, Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Council (M-FARMC), Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and Municipal Agricultural Office (MAGO) of Real, Quezon at the vicinity waters of Barangay Pob 61, Real, Quezon.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has started work on the construction of Prevention of Blindness (PoB) Eye Hospital in Peshawar.