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the condition of being made easy (or easier)

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(neurophysiology) phenomenon that occurs when two or more neural impulses that alone are not enough to trigger a response in a neuron combine to trigger an action potential

act of assisting or making easier the progress or improvement of something

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PNF clients include YMCA, PwC, Eversheds, Wesleyan Assurance, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Nationwide Windows and high net worth property investors.
Lewis and colleagues (2014) expanded targets of PNF to include alcohol-related risky sexual behaviors (RSB) in addition to alcohol-related behaviors.
However, differently from MP, this was due to differences between more than two variables (Figure 2), but PNF tended to have the lowest values of power compared to the other stretching protocols, and showed a moderate effect size (ES = 0.
Waitlist control (received PFI with PNF based on baseline assessment at first followup) (within person *) PFI/PNF vs.
14) were unable to show gait speed improvement after one session of treatment consisting of four sets of five repetitions of resisted PNF pelvic motions in 20 patients but stance stability and limb advancement of the involved lower extremity improved.
02:12:02: The PF said, "I don't have any more indications," and the PNF said, "we have no valid indications.
Al Ghussein was elected by the Palestinian National Council to head the PNF in 1984, guaranteeing him a seat on the PLO Executive Committee.
Even PNF stretches, in which you do interval stretches to allow a joint to exhibit greater ROM, do not truly prepare the muscles.
According to Dowd, Portals makes use of the potent PNF muscle-conditioning patterns once developed for polio patients.
The various PNF techniques all involve some kind of combination of muscle contraction and static stretch.
NATOPS also says that the PF should initiate the check and that the PNF should read each item aloud with the appropriate pilot doing the action and responding as he completes it.
Because the PNF considered itself an arm of the PLO and contained members of the Jordanian Communist Party (JCP), there was hope that the Soviets would be able to influence PLO policy through the PNF.
For his favor, however, Sir Thaddeus, a bus driver turned education minister, wants the young reporter to smear his political opponent in the official PNF organ for the upcoming election When the reporter refuses to do so, the minister threatens to keep him from going off to school by denying him a scholarship and getting his mother in trouble.
Anum Salam will lead the side Kashia Asif will be her deputy, said a spokesman of PNF here on Thursday.
The Mudassar Arain Secretary General PNF has informed that PNF has lifted the ban from Wapda Women Netball players namely Sherish Nawaz, Robina Kouser, Rizwana Arshad and Khalidi for supreme interest of Netball Sports in the Country on especially on the request of Wapda Sports Board.