postnasal drip

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chronic secretion of mucus from the rear of the nasal cavity into the nasopharynx

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Analysis of offspring at PND 0 was performed using t test for independent groups.
PND is in fact the expert on OCSP design; it is proprietary, they created it.
Gin got me feeling real honest / Now that me and shawty platonic," PND sings in "(http://genius.
Emma was surprised when she began to suffer PND because she'd never had any bouts of depression before she became pregnant.
But she felt there was a need to continue to help other mums and not just those with PND, by being brutally honest about the joy and pain of motherhood.
A study from Japan shows that the onset of PND can be seen within the first week after delivery9.
The most common symptoms of PND are: Feeling sad or low |most of the time A loss of interest in |things you used to enjoy A persistent lack of |energ y Other symptoms include: Difficulty sleeping | Poor appetite or over |eating Difficulty concen-|trating Low self-confidence | Feeling guilty | Thoughts about |self-harm or suicide If you think you or someone you know may be suffering from PND, there is lots of help and support available.
In the UK, health visitors are the professionals best placed to offer psychological support for women with PND because they are in regular contact with women throughout the first postnatal year (Sharp et al, 2010).
7 del PND, Colciencias mantiene un papel en la estructuracion de los planes estrategicos de CTI.
2) Mothers with PND have symptoms of anxiety, forgetfulness, sleep disturbance, and in severe cases may attempt suicide.
The group was started because there aren't any non-profit support services to help mothers with PND, said the founders.
Auto Business News-November 20, 2012--Garmin to offer CARWINGS(R) MINI Telematics PND to Dongfeng Nissan(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Factory-installed navigation solutions are set to overtake PND shipments by 2015, reaching 25 million units, illustrating the importance of this market.
PND affects one in seven women and is far more severe than 'baby blues.