postnasal drip

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chronic secretion of mucus from the rear of the nasal cavity into the nasopharynx

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Acacia is supporting The BIG Push, a charity walk on October 3 being organised by Birmingham mum blogger The Baby Bible in a bid to raise awareness of PND.
A woman told me through the Facebook site that she'd gone to the doctors and been diagnosed with PND and that if it hadn't been for my blog, she never would have realised that she had it.
Another reason is that PND is often confused with "the baby blues".
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) (2007) guidelines recommend women who do not meet the threshold for a formal diagnosis of PND be offered supportive listening visits for up to eight sessions, over nine to 12 weeks, including follow-up, supported by a trained practitioner in low-intensity CBT or interpersonal therapy (IPT) who reviews progress and outcome.
According to psychologists, PND can be lonely, distressing and frightening for mothers.
The scientists assessed a group of 200 pregnant women for PND using the EPDS, once during their first visit to the ante-natal clinic, and again two to eight weeks after they had given birth.
The PND project is run by the health and social care charity PSS and is based in Speke.
Scruggs, Mastropieri, Forness, and Kavale (1988) conducted a meta-analysis using PND to assess early language interventions for children identified as handicapped.
The PND is a highly secure information sharing capability that, for the first
Already some car and PND manufacturers are working on the integration of widgets into their products.
Sufferers of PND include Scots television presenter Gail Porter, Melinda Messenger, Sadie Frost, and supermodel Elle Macpherson.
Over that time, we supported mums using a preventative/holistic person-centred framework, with mild, moderate and more severe cases of PND (we always refer back to GPs and health visitors if we think there may be psychotic symptoms emerging).
Where PND stops and ordinary depression begins is unclear.
Long-Evans rats acoustically primed with a 125-dB 10-kHz tone at postnatal day (PND) 18 were tested at PND 32 for AGS using 125 dB white noise stimulation.