postnasal drip

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chronic secretion of mucus from the rear of the nasal cavity into the nasopharynx

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Pour le directeur de Cabinet du ministere du Plan et du Developpement, Yeo Nahoua, malgre les acquis du deuxieme PND, il convient d'admettre que des defis restent a relever.
Otros parrafos del PND contienen lineas de accion que, de hecho, son temas llamados "intermesticos".
"Recent research by the University of Birmingham showed exercise is a great help for those with PND, but not many doctors prescribe it."
Researchers at the University of Kent studied PND and found that the odds of developing this condition increased by 79 per cent when mothers had baby boys compared to baby girls.
Acacia is approaching its 15th birthday and last weekend the Boldmere Bullets - where Kevin is a member - took part in the 10/10 for Acacia Mums, held in Emma's honour - where members jointly completed 10,000km and raised more than PS12,000 for the good cause, which has helped almost 10,000 mums battling PND.
POSTNATAL ANXIETY MOTHERS who've had difficult deliveries have a higher risk of postnatal anxiety, which can develop gradually over time, and they're more likely to suffer from PND too.
Although more than half of mothers will experience the "baby blues" three or four days after their child's birth, it is not necessarily PND. Baby blues leads to mood swings and feeling irritable, low or anxious.
Figure 1 shows the locomotor activity following fenproporex (3 mg/kg, ip) challenge in adolescent rats (PND 41) pretreated with repeated testosterone injections (10 mg/kg, sc) from PND 28 to PND 37.
Male and female mice were euthanized by decapitation at different developmental stages (PND 0, 28, 90 or 210), and the whole brain was rapidly collected and stored at -80[degrees]C.
In that same time, the contractor originally selected to install PND's OCSP design at the Port of Anchorage had installed two projects, a total of approximately 1,600 sheets of OCSP, according to West's spreadsheet.
All animals were followed over 360 days and scanned following the MRI protocol mentioned above at 9 time points on 6 different days (PND 91, PND 93, PND 95, PND 151, PND 211, and PND 451 after birth).
To generate a PND from a known set of modes call a C function defined in file func.c:
But when it comes to personal relationships, the year has been a tough one for PND.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 14, 2016 --( Post-natal depression (PND), and antenatal depression (AND), also known as the baby blues are some of the least addressed mental health conditions in the GCC.