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Author Brian Dear worked for five years on the PLATO system, an early computer system under development at the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois in the 1960s-70s.
The PLATO system can now be configured to communicate ('handshake') with test stand control systems set-up to provide an OPC-compliant server.
An administrator using the PLATO system can call up a record of all logins for any student.
After all, the tens or hundreds of thousands of people who used instant messaging and email and conferencing and online gaming on the University of Illinois' PLATO system in the mid '70s could never have imagined that it would take 25 years for such things to become mainstream.
The PLATO system combines automated testing with automated prescription and instruction -- both online and off -- in a flexible, well-aligned system that allows teachers to make fine-grained decisions about their learners.
This latest generation of the highly successful Plato system fully supports both the Windows NT4 and 2000 operating systems and offers a number of exciting new enhancements, including 1/3-octave frequency band analysis.
Learners (n=38) and teachers generally liked the PLATO system, and the FGHS principal and PLATO instructor believed that PLATO contributed to learner improvement on the OSAT.
The teacher was satisfied with the content and instructional strategies, and the PLATO software enabled greater individualization, allowing the teacher to work with a group of students as the others worked with the PLATO system.