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A total of 231 paraffin-embedded renal tissue sections from patients with biopsy-proven iMN collected between June 2008 and August 2013 were examined for renal PLA2R expression.
PLA2R was examined in paraffin-embedded sections using rabbit polyclonal anti-PLA2R1 antibodies (Sigma, USA) at a dilution of 1:500 after microwaving at 100% power for a total of 18 min, followed by donkey anti-rabbit FITC IgG (Millipore, USA) at a dilution of 1:100.
Serum antibody MN IgG4-type antibody to to PLA2R 185-kDa glycoprotein (podocyte receptor) was recovered from sera of >70% patients with idiopathic forms of disease and not those with secondary forms [Beck Jr (61)].
M2 PHARMA-May 30, 2014-Euroimmun secures FDA go-ahead for Anti- PLA2R IFA blood test for kidney disease detection
The glomeruli were negative for IgA, IgM, and C1q, as well as IgG4 and PLA2R, indicating secondary rather than primary MN.