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(usually plural) loose-fitting nightclothes worn for sleeping or lounging

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Now we have booked 135 PJs of high quality 2C Resource located in the heart of the east coast gas market.
PJS as a jewellery house is already a household name because of its legacy and trust amongst the customers.
Moreover, PJS confirmed that the targeting of all free voices defending the Palestinian right, and the poor attempt to obstruct journalists to do their duty to uncover the occupation's crimes against Palestinian people, are clear messages to the world, that violence and power is the only logic that the state of occupation understands and practices.
Case 5: The female patient was born in 1993, and she was just 2 years old at the time of diagnosis of PJS. She is the daughter of the abovementioned patient (Case 4).
He had no previous family history of PJS. On clinical examination, we found seventeen cafe au lait spots ranging from 0.33 cm on the anterior and posterior body surface and extremities (Figure 1).
While new pjs are a must, I don't wear them all day, even though when a turkey dinner is on the menu, comfort is a priority.
Without diagnostic biopsy, gynecomastia due to LCCSCT in PJS can be treated successfully with anastrozole treatment.
Based on the above clinical and imaging characteristics, she was diagnosed with PJS with multiple intussusceptions.
In May, the Supreme Court ruled that The Sun on Sunday should be barred from revealing the identity of the man referred to only as PJS.
The man, PJS, was appealing against the Court of Appeal's decision that the order barring The Sun on Sunday from naming him should be lifted.
Upon submission, the websites would demand a publication fee ranging from $500 to $1,000, according to Judith Sablan, Philippine Journal of Science (PJS) managing editor.
Roger Seaborne My son is four and would disown me if I wore pjs to school, the rest though is rubbish, people just need to butt out and let people wear what they want.
Here are just some of the comments posted by readers on social media: Kay Kenyon: Why would anyone think that it's acceptable to do the school run in PJs? Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier, have a wash and put on some clothes!
Readers are able to understand the rigorous selection process that all young CROs and PJs must endure in the selection course, also known as indoctrination.