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perennial herb of East Indies to Polynesia and Australia

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In the two day training session of PIOs more than 250 government officers from various government departments across the province were given training about their role and responsibilities under the RTI Act 2013, as PIOs.
PIO addresses a significant problem that participants in community-based parent training programs do not typically face--the absence of children.
The study also found that PIOs have resorted to a new method for evading punitive action.
PIOs can exploit this by developing their own news-producing feeds online that can become the official message of an agency during routine days, as well as crises.
Similarly, human service PIOs can give and get value by showing one another "How I pitched my story.
Everything appeared fine until on August 8, 1993, during a normal maneuver, a pilot flying the Gripen in an airshow fully saturated the flight controls and entered an unrecoverable PIO.
Since PIO is conducted byALE personnel, it enables the law enforcement community--regardless of geographic location--to contribute to the overall intelligence picture.
Modi, in his speeches both in New York and Sydney had promised the Indian diaspora that the PIO and OCI cards would be merged within two months.
He was addressing at a two day long training workshop for PIOs organized by the KP RTI Commission here at the Pakistan Provincial Services Academy (PPSA) on Thursday.
The Ministry of Home Affairs is working on a new scheme that will merge the PIO and OCI schemes.
Felicitating the elected body of APNS, the PIO said that their elections expressed the confidence of the journalist community and was a tribute to their leadership qualities.
All three companies expressed their confidence in the future of PIO market and hoped for a close cooperation.
Moreover, PIO students showed 90 per cent results which is a great achievement.
However, in the event of the non-availability of suitable PIO candidates, the unfilled slots could be assigned to NRI candidates.