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a number you choose and use to gain access to various accounts

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Police have urged members of the public to shield their PIN numbers while using cards.
"During the last 24 hours a number of people in Bahrain have received fraudulent SMS about winning an NBB cash prize and requesting them to use their ATM cards with a special pin number," said the bank's advisory to its customers.
Kwaku Buah, Manhyia Divisional Police Commander, has cautioned the general public to be mindful of making their PIN numbers on mobile money known to others, to avoid being defrauded.
'When the pin number is sent by mobile SMS to 22776 you will receive a message confirming whether the copy is genuine or pirated.'
Customers need to use their mobile number as login and PIN number as password.
PC Neil Horner, from Coulby Newham Neighbourhood Team, said: "Typically, once people have shoulder surfed they have someone's pin number and they can then attempt to get their bank card in order to steal money.
When the victim leaves the area, the offender then returns and collects the card and PIN number, replaces the devices and waits again for the next person to use the machine.
So on this occasion I ensured no one was nearby to give marks for failure, slipped in the card and keyed in my pin number. Thankfully it didn't ask for registration but approved the transaction and told me to retrieve my card.
IN spite of elderly people being warned not to put their bank details, including their pin numbers, on correspondence or in phone conversations, many are still doing so in the belief that everyone else is as honest as they are.
Remember - your bank will never ask you for your PIN number or send a courier to collect your bank card.
When Bentley's bag was searched, they found one of the stolen cards with the PIN number written on the back.
Motorists have supported the move since they have always found it inconvenient to either give petrol station attendants their PIN number to pay by credit card, or exit their vehicles and enter the four-digit code themselves.
A CRUEL trickster claiming to be a police officer conned a Solihull pensioner into revealing her PIN number before stealing hundreds of pounds from her bank account.
In a statement, the Bank's administration said that there two methods of scamming taking place by this gang: the first being switching the client's card with another one stolen before by portending to help them and watching the client as they enter their PIN number.