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PHS contracts with the Alameda County Sheriff's Department to provide medical services at the jails and has done so since 1989.
PHS Data Solutions and Restore are an excellent strategic fit whose combination we are confident will drive increased returns for Restores shareholders.
PHS Datashred operates from a national network of 12 branches and processes approximately 65,000 tonnes of paper a year, as well as providing the secure destruction of confidential items.
On his main challenges going forward at PHS Teacrate, Gordon commented: "To achieve continued growth in this difficult economic climate by maintaining Teacrate's unrivalled service delivery and to be the best in class in terms of customer service and support.
said that while PHS -- a stripped-down cellular service with relatively low charges -- was initially popular for its flat rates and good transmission even in subways, mobile phones have already caught up with this, and the line has now blurred between PHS and mobile phones both in quality and pricing.
Living a "normal life" under PHS authority did not prevent patients from "indulging" in recreation and activities, reading and going to movies, cooking their own meals.
The sale price of the PHS operation has not been decided yet, they said.
PHS, which employs more than 2,000 people, provides a range of workplace services, including washroom products, live and replica plants and dust mats.
Those that don't, or whose timetable for complying isn't acceptable, will either have to undergo changes or lose PHS funds, Dommel says.
At March 31, 2010, PHS had $3 billion in unrestricted cash and investments equating to 160 days of cash on hand, a pro forma cushion ratio of 18.
The two companies operate in the data destruction and document storage sectors as part of the PHS Group, which has its headquarters in Caerphilly.
to jointly develop technologies for next-generation PHS services.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-27 April 2007-NTT DoCoMo to terminate PHS and CITYPHONE services(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
It also uses the nonmodular budget format described in the PHS 398 application instructions (see http://grants.
PHS Teacrate, a UK leading crate rental specialist has launched a new initiative to further promote high standards amongst its service drivers.