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Synonyms for peso

the basic unit of money in Uruguay

the basic unit of money in the Philippines

the basic unit of money in Mexico

the basic unit of money in Guinea-Bissau

the basic unit of money in the Dominican Republic

the basic unit of money in Cuba

the basic unit of money in Colombia

the basic unit of money in Chile

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The PESO Year-End Performance Assessment is one of the activities of DOLE Region 2 to update PESO Managers from different Municipality of the updates on changes in the different DOLE programs and projects.
The time in which we view such changing values of the peso is important for different reasons in assessing our nation's economic development:
Ese ano canalizo mil 42 millones de pesos a publicidad oficial.
If taking the portfolio view, you would say the correction in the stock market is the one that leads to peso depreciation.
En septiembre de 2014, 20 anos despues de que el gobierno adopto una politica de libre cambio, el peso mexicano ingreso al exclusivo club de divisas consideradas por el Fondo Monetario Internacional como "plenamente libres y convertibles".
Otro caso extrano lo ofrece Movimiento Ciudadano, en el que su principal lider, Dante Delgado, gana 65 mil pesos mensuales, menos que Maria Elena Orantes Lopez, secretarla de acuerdos, quien levanto en 2013 la friolera de un millon 23 mil pesos.
Os principais fatores de risco relacionados ao BPN sao a prematuridade (9), a idade materna (9-11), gestacoes de risco (como hipertensao arterial e diabetes) (11), gestacoes multiplas (11), numero de filhos nascidos vivos (12), sexo do feto (9,13), acesso as consultas de pre-natal (10,14), o peso materno previo a gestacao (10), o tabagismo (10,12) e o consumo de alcool na gestacao (13), alem do parto induzido (15), e da exposicao a agrotoxicos (16).
The IDB signs with an investment bank or other commercial entity to exchange cash flows from the loan in pesos to the loan in dollars.
The peso also strengthened relative to the US dollar, from 45 pesos per dollar in 2004 to around 27.
17 that the peso convertible--which was previously equivalent to 27 ordinary pesos--could now be bought for 25 pesos.
75 pesos and now is trading in new territory, the likelihood has increased that it will reach 56 pesos,'' Liboro said.
With revenue in pesos and little room to raise prices, another Argentine carrier, Dinar, grounded most flights in March.
Holders of the tesobonos have not in the end suffered losses; the Mexican government has been able to honor its obligations, initially paying out pesos and meeting the resulting demand for dollars out of its reserves and later paying off foreign holders of tesobonos directly in dollars.