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(biochemistry) a nucleoside that is a structural component of nucleic acids

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La PEG-ADA es suministrada por inyeccion intramuscular una o dos veces por semana, su farmacocinetica es variable en el mismo paciente y el monitoreo de la actividad plasmatica de ADA permite determinar la dosis adecuada y frecuencia de administracion.
La terapia de reemplazo con PEG-ADA dio como resultado reversibilidad en los niveles del ARN de CXCL1 de los ratones tratados (Figura 2 A).
The reaction was stopped at 0 and 30 min (5 min in the case of ADA/SCID patients during PEG-ADA therapy).
By now, the PEG-ADA treatment had been developed, removing the specter of immediate death from the very patients who would be the best test of gene therapy.
The girl who received the gene-altered cells has taken PEG-ADA for several years and currently appears in good health, according to her family physician.
Subcommittee members said they were unable to judge whether gene therapy held any potential advantages over the new drug, called PEG-ADA, which provides ADA through weekly injections.