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a female person who has the same parents as another person

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Table 8 demonstrates that gains of PDGFB (22q13), TP 73 (1p36.
1 (epidermal growth factor receptor, a protein tyrosine kinase), FGF4 on 11q13 (fibroblast growth factor 4, a classical activator of the MAPK pathway), and PDGFB on 22q13.
However, other evidence points to a role in particular for PDGFB in the pathogenesis of PTC.
Amplification of PDGFB occurs exclusively in tumors without mutation of BRAF or expression of ret/PTC chimeras.
1 271 PDGFB (SIS) 36 Amp * Sub Tel indicates sub telomeric sequence; Oncogene, known oncogene TSG, tumor suppressor gene; and Amp, cancer amplicon previously described in the literature.