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a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a hand-held computer but instead performs specific tasks

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"The Secure PDA Phone is the critical next-step to providing a robust and secure link to the next generation battlefield communications network and will be responsive to the government's global information grid," said John Cole, vice president of Information Assurance for General Dynamics C4 Systems.
PDA phones are a lot more common than we might think.
The phone features analog TV, a PAPAGO G10 navigation system and a 256MB MiniSDcard, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and an English-Chinese two way electronic dictionary alongside standard PDA phone functions.
Under the terms of the agreement the Mobilion PDA phone from Emerging Technologies will feature embedded GSM/GPRS designs from UbiNetics alongside the Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition.
ASUS, a fortune 500 company introduced the launch of the ASUS P565, a business PDA phone that boasts an 800 MHz processor-the fastest in the world at the time of this announcement.
An attractive sub [yen]10,000 PDA Phone promotion through January and a 7.2Mbps PCMCIA card (twice the speed of offerings from the other carriers) released in February should see a strong boost in growth.
Additionally, HP officials announced a Memory-Spot reader could soon be incorporated into an iPaQ PDA phone and HP also revealed ideas for future expansion of the of Memory-Spot concept, making it an SD-slot compatible reader.
While many people still use hard-copy organizers, PDAs, or PDA phones like Blackberries, are popular as they fit easily into a shirt pocket or purse and offer on-the-spot management tools.
E28's current smartphone platforms support both GSM single-mode and GSM/Wi-Fi dual-mode with different form factors to meet different market segments' needs, such as flip phones, sliding phones, candy bars with or without key pad, and PDA phones. Compared to other dual-mode phones currently in the market, E28 has brought consumers the most attractive dual-mode solutions that include the full range of important features of today's single-mode devices in terms of system stability, ease-of-use, long talk/standby time, size, weight, cost and attractive form factors.
Target Mobile, the company's mobile sales software, is designed specifically for modern mobile platforms, including Pocket PCs, tablets and wireless PDA phones.
The company has released the allways headset for mobile and PDA phones. BLACK ENTERPRISE tested the Bluetooth version of the allways wireless device.
PDA phones are effectively handheld computers that are mainly used for wireless data communications, but can double as a phone.
The LPOs use their PDA phones loaded with E-SAFE 100 to document audits and record photographic evidence of issues using one piece of hardware.
Mobile phones (vice-only) 54% Blackberry No voice capabilities 20% Smart phones or PDA phones 18% PDAs: No-voice 13% Walkie-talkie radio phones 11% Ruggedized handheld devices 7% VoWiFi/WLAN phones 6% UMPCSs 4% % respondents with over 30% of employees currently using devices Base: 143 IT decision makers from companies with 1,000+ employees Note: Table made from bar graph.