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a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a hand-held computer but instead performs specific tasks

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judges deciding PDA cases emphasized the difference of pregnancy much as
This Article draws on existing case law, including Young, legislative history, and employment discrimination law theories to make the case in favor of the use of ADA comparators in PDA cases. No scholar has addressed this question in depth or considered it in the context of the Supreme Court's opinion in Young, (27) Thus, this Article is the first to closely examine the availability of ADA-covered employees as comparators for PDA plaintiffs under current law.
We then sketch the gender ideology underlying these rifts in the PDA case law.
The Armor 2600 PDA case has undergone stringent physical testing, and has even met military specifications in key categories.
A third theme evident in the PDA case law, and shared by discrimination law generally, is that "discrimination" is equated with a conscious intent to disadvantage the protected group.
CRLB has been derived for the DA case, which can be used as a measure for the NDA and PDA cases also.
(15.) At issue in many PDA cases is the debate over whether the PDA mandates (or should mandate) "equal treatment" or "special treatment," or as Christine Jolls has framed it, antidiscrimination or accommodation.
(334) The crux of Magid's argument is that the stereotypes and biases the PDA was intended to eliminate inform the evidentiary standards used in PDA cases. (335) Magid believes that by examining the standards as they are now and adjusting them, the PDA can achieve its intended goals.
* PDA Cases. Most handheld manufacturers include a simple vinyl sleeve or flip-top in the box.
* PDA Cases. Most manufacturers of handheld devices include a simple vinyl sleeve or flip-top in the box.
This exclusive opportunity to have the most desirable advertising marquee of any event is not only extremely profitable to the association, but it is an easy sell to firms that want to get a leg up on the competition by being the most recognizable name at the show, Furthermore, a large fabric tote, briefcase, duffel, or backpack will continue to carry the sponsor's message, long after the show closes; as it is carried to the gym, the beach, on future travel, and even at other industry events and trade shows, Accessories that complement the show bag, such as cell phone holders, water bottle holders, PDA cases, or sun glass cases can be attached on to the side of the bag.
Find wallets, PDA cases and other corporate accessories at El Portal; gift baskets and candles at Breaking the Mold; cooking classes at Sur La Table; and other one-of-a-kind items at more than 80 unique retailers.