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a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a hand-held computer but instead performs specific tasks

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While not a PDA case per se, Nevada Department of Human Resources v.
While the courts have not done particularly well with clause one, the biggest problems in the PDA case law in recent years have come by way of clause two.
The spreading of these three themes into the PDA case law despite the text of clause two reflects a deep-seated ambivalence about the regulation of pregnancy in the workplace.
The increasingly hostile PDA case law reflects not so much a problem with the statute itself as the resilience of gender ideologies surrounding maternity, work, and (implicitly) masculinity.
Made of durable, bright yellow canvas, the Banana Peel enters the market as the most versatile PDA case available.
We have a fully-functional PDA case that allows you the distinct advantage of hands-free use when you need it.
The Army is using a bar code scanning solution consisting of Socket Cordless Hand Scanner devices with handheld computers housed in OtterBox PDA cases to increase the speed and efficiency of its blood inventory tracking system while reducing the potential for errors and providing the best possible casualty care.
For more information on Saunders' full line of RhinoSkin brand of PDA cases, contact Saunders at 800-341-4674 or visit our websites at http://www.
Saunders, a privately held company based in Readfield, Maine, manufactures and markets the RhinoSkin(TM) brand of device specific PDA cases.
We can testify to the power of PalmGear advertising," said Andy Fatahollahi, President of Incipio Technologies, a manufacturer and distributor of PDA cases and accessories.
Supported by upward trends in computer hardware sales, Case Logic's new computer accessories look especially promising, particularly the PDA cases, CD-ROM storage and notebook cases.
The line includes unique professional accessories including PDA cases, pen/accessory case, business card case, pad portfolios, day planner and stationery gift set.
The PDA cases, pen/accessory cases, business card cases, pad portfolios, day planners and stationery gift sets are covered in a dense, tightly woven, durable black microfiber.
READFIELD, Maine -- Saunders, manufacturer and marketer of the RhinoSkin brand of protective PDA cases, announces the introduction of the Aluminum Molded Slider(TM) for the HP iPAQ(TM) Pocket PC series at a retail price of $34.
The Targus PDA cases are designed for the Palm III(TM), V(TM), VII(TM), Handspring Visor(TM) and various PocketPC models -- such as the HP Jornada 540 Series.