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(computer science) the key on a computer keyboard that is used (in combination with some other key) to type control characters

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Information about systems, processes, and procedures is now available 24/7 at the touch of a PC keyboard. An hourly systems administrator maintains the system.
With age, I had more difficulty typing and needed something to make working on a PC keyboard more amenable.
The 12.1" touch TFT color display has a 800 x 600 resolution with a front-mounted USB connection, allowing use of a PC keyboard, mouse, or other device.
Attendance Manager is a system for recording, managing and reporting student attendance and clock hours using one or more of three options--an electronic attendance terminal, a PC with an add-on card scanner or a PC keyboard. Attendance data is collected in the classroom then consolidated and maintained on the teacher's PC or--in the network version--at the front office.
the 795 KFT Titrino offers the following additional possibilities: Method memory for over 100 operator methods; Sample data storage for automatic sample processing using sample changers with up to 156 sample data records; Alphanumerical input of method names, sample identifiers and result units or descriptions; Connection of a 776/765 Dosimat for automatic titer determination or automated back titrations; Connection for KF oven and 774 Oven Sample Processor; Barcode reader and PC keyboard can be connected (options); and Printout conforming to GLP with result, titer, date and instrument serial number.
BadTrans works by storing every keystroke on a PC keyboard in a secret file which hackers can access later.
Information is inputted using a standard PC keyboard, and automatic updates to the system are easily downloaded and installed onto the Palm OS device.
DEVICE TYPE DATA INPUT METHODS NOTEBOOK PC Keyboard and mouse HANDHELD PC Touch-sensitive display and small keyboard POCKET PC Touch-sensitive display, on-screen keyboard and handwriting recognition.
As a patient responds to the questions in PocketChart's template, a physician uses an electronic pen to note their responses in the application's on-screen menus, entering any additional note using the handheld PC keyboard. Using this information, the application can generate a patient note in the physician's notation style.
An interface unit that draws power from the PC keyboard port, via a plug/socket arrangement, is plugged directly into the parallel port.
The user simply enters the PIN at his or her PC keyboard and the AX200 generates a one-time, random password that is used for authentication.
For my money, the IBM PC keyboard is still the best, but my Dell keyboard is a close second.
introduced the DSC 6, its new low-cost instrument, which provides complete control and calibration via a PC keyboard. The unit utilizes Microsoft Windows software and has a "zoom" feature that allows the data to be rescaled in real time.
Turning to keyboards, he describes the OCLC keyboard, explaining why OCLC has abandoned the specialized keyboard and now relies on a standard or enhanced PC keyboard. The next chapter summarizes the software used on the terminals and how to install and set up the software in order to access the OCLC online system.
There are currently 25,000 users of BRIEF, "The Programmer's Editor," which has a macro language that enables users to customize the editor for any PC keyboard configuration, prompt command, indenting style, or special feature required.