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Synonyms for connection

Synonyms for connection

a point or position at which two or more things are joined

something, such as a feeling, thought, or idea, associated in one's mind or imagination with a specific person or thing

an acquaintance who is in a position to help

Synonyms for connection

a relation between things or events (as in the case of one causing the other or sharing features with it)

(usually plural) a person who is influential and to whom you are connected in some way (as by family or friendship)

the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination

a supplier (especially of narcotics)

shifting from one form of transportation to another

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The subject of the public contract is to supply instruments - climate chambers, panel pc connectivity and flow sensors, temperature, velocity, humidity, solar radiation and concentrations of substances, including accessories and services.
Exceeding a volume of 10 million units on a platform such as Android shows that Telecaos PC Connectivity solution is trusted and that synchronization of PIM data on all user devices is essential especially as consumers move to multiple device ownership.
The Teleca PC Connectivity solution for this particular device, manages the synchronization between the device and a PC, for contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.
Growing Line of Frames Includes New Entry-Level Model with an Easy-to-Use Design That Supports Internal Memory and PC Connectivity
The system includes the latest in wireless and multimedia features for enhanced PC connectivity and an improved viewing experience.
PC connectivity is supported on Windows 2000[R] or later.