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the British system of withholding tax

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Paye said the MGB will closely coordinate with local disaster officials in monitoring mining disaster incident in the gold rush area.
Goat sri paye is another popular dish, he said adding that it is cooked on a slow flame with spices.
The eligibility threshold for accessing the subsidy will be lowered from 1 April 2019, to businesses with less than $50,000 of income tax and superannuation obligations (PAYE and ESCT).
July 1, 2014 or later, (10) President Obama accelerated the PAYE
A similar proportion (66%) of people correctly said that PAYE means Pay As You Earn.
Besides banning the preparation of 'Paye' the Punjab administration has also cancelled holidays of all sanitation department staff.
However, in Cameron's brave new world those on PAYE are the main sources of government income, while tax dodgers are let off, costing the country around PS40bn a year in unpaid taxes, employers who pay low wages do so knowing that the state will help house their workers.
Our most recent figures show that over 95% of PAYE schemes making payments to individuals are successfully reporting in real time, and 70% say that it is easy to do.
HMRC'S decision to stagger the introduction of penalties for failing to submit PAYE Real-Time Information will take the pressure off many SMEs.
"I want to rid the area of all Taliban and their IEDs," the statement quoted Paye Maluk ALP checkpoint commander, Rahd Shah, as saying.
The government is planning the most significant changes to PAYE since it was introduced in 1944, and they will impact all employers.
Whyte wants an inquiry over why HMRC did not give him more time Labour MP Brian Donohoe on Daily Record for his PS14million PAYE and VAT bill.
But McCoist knows the strength of feeling against the man whose chaotic reign plunged the club into administration by not passing on staff's PAYE contributions to the tax authorities.
It is being introduced by HM Revenue and Customs to improve the operation of PAYE.