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the British system of withholding tax

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The subsidy was introduced in 2006 as a way to encourage small businesses to use the services of payroll professionals to handle their PAYE obligations.
While they may not be useful in your case, tax refund companies can help students and others from abroad on PAYE but not earning enough in a year to claim refunds after they go home.
Standard Repayment Plan but the PAYE Payment is capped at $250, the
Whyte sold shares Rangers held in Arsenal, deducted PAYE from staff but never paid it to the taxman, and failed to make PS5million from Nikica Jelavic's sale available for new players.
Scragg was represented at his Birmingham trial for the pounds 8 million PAYE scam by Tory MP and barrister Geoffrey Cox.
It is being introduced by HM Revenue and Customs to improve the operation of PAYE.
This will give employees more deductions and provide extra benefits for the disabled, who currently qualify for the same cap amount as everyone else for PAYE purposes.
To: Dame Lesley Strathie, chief executive, HM Revenue & Customs From: Paul Hyland, tax partner at DSG chartered accountants Re: PAYE tax errors UNFORTUNATELY for all concerned, mass PAYE errors by HMRC are becoming something of an annual habit.
uk QWITH the recent revelations about problems with the PAYE tax system, how do I make sure I am paying the right level of tax?
HM Revenue & Customs has launched its first "super podcast" to alert businesses to major changes to filing and paying VAT, PAYE and corporation tax.
A GLITCH in a new computer system has caused HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to send out thousands of incorrect PAYE codes to taxpayers across the UK.
Kirk says the benefits of online payroll are anywhere, anytime access to the payroll system for both employers and employees, and as a PAYE intermediary, iPayroll can also calculate and make PAYE payments to the IRD on behalf of employers.
A CO Louth business- woman has launched a new website enabling thousands of PAYE workers to check free of charge if they are due a tax rebate.
These include setting up the payroll, complying with PAYE rules, employment contracts, Jockey Club rules, Weatherbys, Health and Safety regulations and taking out insurance in case it goes wrong.
In 1993, Tory Chancellor Norman Lamont announced a new system of tax self-assessment for workers outside the PAYE system.