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Synonyms for Pasch

the Jewish feast of the Passover

the Christian festival of Easter


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Al examinar con espiritu rigorista los argumentos de Euclides, el mismo Pasch descubrio algunas suposiciones que nadie habia notado con anterioridad; por ejemplo, las relacionadas con el orden de los puntos en una linea.
Pasch knows of a home in Ogden Valley that sold for $670,000 last year that's listed at $398,000 today as a foreclosure and still isn't selling.
Consequently, numerous efforts have been made to define stages of teacher development (Fessler, 1995; Fessler & Christensen, 1992; Huberman, 1989; Singer & Willett, 1996; Steffy, Wolfe, Pasch & Enz, 2000).
6) Donenberg GR, Bryant FB, Emerson E, Wilson HW, Pasch KE.
El enfoque es axiomatico, dentro de la linea de las axiomaticas que dan importancia al aspecto psicologico, que pide que los axiomas reflejen la intuicion geometrica, tendencia prehilbertiana basada en la ideas de Klein seguidas por Pasch y otros.
Furthermore, in a recent longitudinal study by Pasch, Komro, Perry, Hearst, & Farbakhsh (2007), associations between exposure to outdoor alcohol ads in the sixth grade and increased alcohol-use behavior and intentions in the eighth grade were reported.
The major concern now shifts to the threat of torrential rains over the mountains of Central America," said Richard Pasch at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami.
Dave Pasch, Debbie Antonelli and Heather Cox will call the HC-Duke women's opening-round NCAA tournament game at 7 p.
Blandford got virtually all of his best stock, including his four Derby winners, while based at Cloghran, the 2,000 Guineas and Eclipse victor Pasch (foaled just over three weeks before his sire died) being the only real celebrity he got in Britain.
The result was the creation of PASCH, which describes itself as "'a coalition of internationally renowned Christian researchers, scholars, and theologians" who have come together to "increase peace and safety in the Christian home and in the world it serves by addressing and decreasing domestic and sexual abuse in those homes.
Gender differences in responding to, and coping with, infertility have been consistently identified in the literature, with women reporting more overt distress in response to their inability to produce a child (Abbey, Andrews, & Halman, 1991; Conway, 2002; Daniluk, 1997; Domar, 1997; Jordon & Revenson, 1999; Pasch, Dunkel-Schetter, & Christensen, 2002).