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Synonyms for xerox

Synonyms for xerox

a copy made by a xerographic printer


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a duplicator (trade mark Xerox) that copies graphic matter by the action of light on an electrically charged photoconductive insulating surface in which the latent image is developed with a resinous powder

reproduce by xerography

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He said PARC is facilitating scientists in getting projects through competitive grants.
To address the lack of information on the status of many amphibians and reptiles, and to assist resource managers who do not have expertise in herpetology, PARC developed an Inventory and Monitoring Handbook that provides field-tested, peer-recommended survey techniques for all U.
Originated from the Gulf Oil Research and Development Company, PARC was established in 1986 to provide independent testing services to global petroleum and chemical companies.
The PARC supports the command's mission by acquiring distribution solutions and information management services.
For more information about how PARC practices open innovation and the services it offers, please see: http://www.
Bosan said his ministry was continuously facilitating PARC in developing well focused projects and fund releases and expressed the hope that scientists were making serious efforts to achieve new knowledge based technology development goals.
Javed Saleem said PARC sign MoUs with farmers and work in their regions to increase their agro-livestock production and farmer will welcome them.
Iftikhar Ahmad, Chairman PARC gave an overview of various on-going national and international coordinated agricultural research projects in the country.
Future plans for The PARC include additional development of one- to three-story build-to-suit and multi-tenanted buildings with labs, Class A office space and multipurpose flex space for high tech, defense and academic tenants and users.
PARC researchers are working on the answer to this problem through its work on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)'s ADAMS (Anomaly Detection At Multiple Scales) program.
Mustafa said that PARC started olive cultivation projects into all provinces with the collaboration of Italian Government.
The two organizations have declared Munib-ur-Rehman, Manager (Coordination and Marketing) NTS and Muhammad Mansha Akhtar, Deputy Director (HR) PARC as focal persons and liaison officers to implement the MoU.
The Saga of bumpy inductions on high-scale posts in PARC in spite of everything continue, despite the fact that without having technical and scientific qualification as requisite in PARC rules of service, no single vacancy can be filled by concerned authority.
Future phases of PARC call for the development of over one million square feet on an additional 120 acres at the United States Army base.
In his keynote presentation at the AlwaysOn Venture Summit Silicon Valley 2011, PARC CEO Stephen Hoover highlighted different ways the startup community - from entrepreneurs to venture capitalists and other key referral partners in Silicon Valley and beyond - can work with PARC to significantly speed time to market and reduce risk.