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Synonyms for pail

the quantity contained in a pail


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She to stand in the corner by the water pail and be stared at by all the scholars!
And let me tell you, scholars, that I asked Rebecca to stand by the pail only to break up this habit of incessant drinking, which is nothing but empty-mindedness and desire to walk to and fro over the floor.
If Samuel had not loved wickedness he would not have followed me to the water pail."
As he could not lift the whole pailful of water at once, he fetched a milk jug, and ladled quarts of water into the pail by degrees.
The pail was full of water; the rope was tightly strained over the top of the bed, and across the window sill to the tree outside.
Tod's dressing-gown into a bundle, put it into the bed beneath the pail of water instead of himself, and left the room also--grinning immensely.
Inside the house there was a great crash and splash, and the noise of a pail rolling over and over.
The water was dripping from the bed, the pail had rolled into a corner.
In the middle of the bed under the blanket, was a wet flattened SOMETHING--much dinged in, in the middle where the pail had caught it
Yes--there was no doubt about it--it had turned out even better than he had planned; the pail had hit poor old Tommy Brock, and killed him dead!
Pinocchio followed the directions closely, but, as he had no pail, he pulled off his shoe, filled it with water, and sprinkled the earth which covered the gold.
Bake stable every time: no matter how you use it, Renshaw's new Filling is suitable for piping and spreads easily and evenly straight from the pail, with no extra preparation necessary.
In the fall those pails can cover all the plants you want an early frost not to get.
Each appraiser followed the same procedure, testing the pails in a random sequence.
He said: "The Pails bakery building is in the DNA of historic Chapelfields.