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a terrorist organization in South Africa formed in 1996 to fight drug lords

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However, the effect may also be to let PAGAD off the hook by deflecting our attention from this organisation to the virulent form of Christianity espoused by the Rev.
pese a que su compromiso esta dirigido a apoyar extraoficialmente la tarea realizada por los servicios policiacos sudafricanos, los metodos usados por el PAGAD en la erradicacion del pandillerismo y la delincuencia organizada han resultados tan violentos que lo han puesto en pugna con las autoridades.
Though the President did not mention PAGAD by name, his implication was clear.
In parts of Cape Town, where gangs dealing in a powerful mix of marijuana and mandrax and, recently, crack cocaine, are facing off with a Muslim vigilante force known as PAGAD (People Against Gangsterism and Drugs), Mandela's words appear especially apt.
Protest marches by PAGAD and further threats to take justice into its own hands have brought it into conflict with the Government.
In the aftermath of the shooting, a senior PAGAD member, Mr Salie Abader, had vowed to "make the country ungovernable" should Mr Jacobs die, South African media reported.