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an island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence

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The same year that abortion was banished from P.E.I., Prince Edward Islanders also voted "yes" to the building of the Confederation Bridge, which would join the Island to mainland Canada and make travel between them "easy and convenient." (4) Opened on May 31, 1997, the Confederation Bridge is an amazing sight.
P.E.I. pays for abortions if residents travel to Halifax, but does not reimburse them for travel or other related costs.
Para aclarar un poco el concepto del P.E.I., podemos decir que se trata de una estrategia mediante la cual se busca dar solucion a un problema escolar previamente determinado a traves de un trabajo planificado y cooperativo (este debe ser desarrollado con la participacion de toda la comunidad educativa) con una intencionalidad practica y productiva.
Enterprise P.E.I. claims that, not counting extras, 88 Islanders worked on the series this season at some point.
TYNE VALLEY PRESBYTERIAN, just west of Summerside, P.E.I., faced near-bankruptcy in March when cleanup costs for an oil spill on the church's property hit $20,000 and kept climbing.
She is a supporter of every anti-life and anti-family measure passed during the last 40 years: contraception, abortion, divorce, euthanasia, same-sex "marriage." In her personal life, she was intimately involved with then-federal Red Tory Member of Parliament, David McDonald, an Anglican minister from P.E.I. Both Ms.
Both priests, from the same diocese of Nova Scotia and P.E.I., born in Halifax?
Eileen Scully, ministry and worship consultant at General Synod, said that after soliciting information on clergy wellness from the dioceses and receiving an uneven response, the committee decided to "step back and map out the big picture." (Clergy wellness was identified as an area of priority at General Synod in 2001, and a task force was struck to examine the issue, under the leadership of Bishop Fred Hiltz of Nova Scotia and P.E.I.)
Charlottetown, P.E.I. -- After an absence of 35 years, credit courses in Catholic Religious Studies (CRS) will be offered at the University of P.E.I.
Ministry is exercised in a variety of ways in Nova Scotia and P.E.I. The non-stipendiary ministry program allows people who have another way to make a living to allot a certain number of hours to their parish.