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the mechanical energy that a body has by virtue of its position

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However, the bill would create the greatest challenge at our middle school: In order to maintain our current programming, the P.E. mandate would require us to extend our school day by 45 minutes with no extra funding.
All global subsidiaries and management teams of P.E. Labellers join the Pro Mach team.
I first took the P.E. exam in 2009.1 studied for months, doing practice problems and practice exams.
Table 1 shows that only for a WWTP with pollution load greater than 2000 p.e. [31], a common standard to assess the compliance of WWTPs with requirements is established.
This year, the district already has lost 4.4 full-time-equivalent P.E. teacher positions - and its proposed budget for next year calls for the elimination of four more.
The 4th- and 5th-graders at Oregon's Molalla Elementary get fit by watching instructional videos made by district P.E. teachers.
In short, P.E. can run some weightlifting classes during school hours when the sports teams are inactive.
Winglovitz, P.E., partner, has assumed the role of corporate director of business development; David F.
James Hanson, P.E. an assistant professor at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield; Garabed Hoplamazian, P.E., director of the Automotive/Industrial Group at Albert Kahn Associates in Detroit; Jay Ruby, an associate and project manager with Ruby and Associates P.C.
David Gaboury, P.E. is the new president of ASFE/The Geoprofessional Business Association, a not-for-profit association of geoprofessional firms that employ some 150,000 individuals worldwide.
Neil Lucey, P.E., senior vice president and New York area manager for Parsons Brinckerhoff(PB), New York City, is the new chairman.
Burkner, P.E., vice-president, AIM, (Ag Industrial Manufacturing), Lodi, Calif.
THIS year the whole school got a brilliant new P.E. kit!
"I like to have fun and run around," Koth said Wednesday, taking a break from an indoor soccer game in her afternoon P.E. class.