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United States conductor (born in Japan in 1935)


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On her Facebook page on Friday, Ozawa said that an Uber Philippines staff called her and promised to track down their employee who violated her privacy.
Ozawa replaced Yuko Mori as head of the new party formed by 15 lawmakers -- seven House of Representatives members and eight House of Councillors members -- at an inauguration meeting held in Tokyo.
Ozawa pleaded not guilty to falsifying reports about money handled by his political fund management body, after three of his aides were last week convicted on similar charges, fueling public interest in the case.
Ozawa wielded the baton for the latter part of the day's program, conducting Johannes Brahms' Symphony No.
Ozawa would likely become prime minister if he defeats Kan in a September 14 Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) leadership vote, but a poll by Kyodo news agency showed that the outcome was too close to call.
Li Tieying, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, told Ozawa at the outset of their meeting in Beijing, which opened to the media, ''Any person, country or political party must hold exchanges to make friendship happen.
The thing you have to understand about Ozawa," explained a former associate of the political boss, "is that he is a purely political animal.
On Wednesday morning, a Facebook account supposedly belonging to Ozawa revealed the leak of the Japanese actress' information from the agency, which was processing her working visa.
Ozawa, a House of Representatives lawmaker, said in a recent TV program that he expects his new party to initially have 50 members from both chambers of parliament.
Ozawa offers up the Darfur plan as a counterargument to an earlier article in the same magazine by Kiyotaka Kawabata, a U.
Ozawa, who began his tenure with the BSO in 1973, will be resigning in August to become musical director of the Vienna State Opera this fall.
Ozawa has turned to mainstream entertainment, after making a name as an adult video actress, and would be on her first starring role in the Philippines.
Former Democratic Party of Japan leader Ichiro Ozawa will launch a new political party Wednesday evening which he will lead to challenge the government over its sales tax hike policy, aiming to engineer another wave of political realignments with a general election in sight.
Japan's opposition camp leader Ichiro Ozawa on Wednesday called on the Chinese Communist Party to exert its influence on North Korea and tell it to halt provocative acts such as missile launches, Ozawa said.
Liberal Party (LP) leader Ichiro Ozawa proposes revising the Constitution to clarify the nation's right to fend off a foreign attack and to maintain forces for that purpose, according to a monthly magazine article written by him.