Ozark Plateau

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an area of low mountains in northwestern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma

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Sediment-phosphorus chemistry in Ozark Plateau streams.
Application of nutrient rich animal manure or commercial fertilizers on agricultural row crops and particularly pastures are the prominent nonpoint sources of nutrient loss in the Ozark Plateaus located in northeast Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas.
Our study integrated data from sediment-nutrient extractions and nutrient limitation bioassays to determine the influence of catchment land use and municipal effluent discharge on streams draining the Eucha-Spavinaw Basin in the Ozark Plateaus, USA.
The Eucha-Spavinaw Basin is in the southwest portion of the Ozark Plateaus in northeast Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas (Figure 1).
Because of the sensitive nature of the Ozark Plateau resources, public use, educational programs, and scientific research are limited to the least intrusive activities.
Steve Hensley is Refuge Manager at the Ozark Plateau NWR (email: steve_hensley @fws.
Members will include Service representatives of the Ozark Plateau region (including the Service's Ozark Plateau and Arkansas Red River Ecosystem Teams; our Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri Ecological Services Field Offices; and national wildlife refuges and national fish hatcheries), other government agencies, organizations, private landowners, academia, caving clubs, and elected officials.
Topography varies considerably along its length and in Missouri and Arkansas, the 5th PM traverses three physiographic sections defined by Braun (1950): the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, the Ozark Plateau and the Dissected Till Plain.
The middle portion of the 5th PM traverses the Ozark Plateau for 155 miles (249 km) between the Black and Missouri rivers.
A total of 906 trees representing 19 taxa were recorded in the Ozark Plateau.
Bearing tree distances from corner posts differed significantly between the Mississippi Alluvial Plain and Ozark Plateau (Q = 3.
Alabama, particularly in the Ozark Plateaus in Missouri and Arkansas.
Alabama and the Ozark Plateaus in Missouri and Arkansas are centers of
bushii are restricted to XLPs in the Ozark Plateaus in Missouri and
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