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a native or resident of Oxford

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Certainly, Wroughton indicates one kind of connection between Winchester Cathedral staff and the Oxonian origins of the Sloane team's primary exemplar, the manuscript now in Paris.
This is sanctioned rebellion, and the allusion to France is mentioned only in jest, any seriousness foreclosed by the next sentence, which shows that the problem is that it "became too popular." The populace is a hindrance, and the Oxonians' attempt to shake the established order has escaped their control, been taken from the small in-fighting of the upper class into a trend for the people.
It presents city life through the adventures of three young men: Corinthian Tom, Jerry Hawthorne, Esq., and Bob Logic, the Oxonian.
It compares most favorably with works by John McCrady, a fellow Oxonian who also painted scenes of the town, as well as scenes inspired by spirituals.
Leamington C&AC's John Herring (59-55) was the last rider to beat the hour in ninth place in Oxonian CC's '25'.
Then in 1957 Foster published Mystery and Philosophy (London: SCM Press, 1957), a volume whose theme ought to have interested his fellow Christian Oxonian, C.
Comparable are the persistent attacks on Clinton's reputation by a former Oxonian coscholar, Little Rock lawyer and political rival who seems to have made the president's ruination his own life's work.
Like Jones, Price owed his preferment in Kent to Archbishop Secker, although unlike the Oxonian Jones, Price came from a Dissenting background.
The Oxonian's spiritual odyssey covered territory familiar to Kingsley, but then precipitously forged ahead.
Mailer's overbearing and authoritarian manner (now more Oxonian than in the days of his Southern sheriff impersonations) was consistent with the general tenor of the proceedings, both inside and outside the library.
True, Morris' beloved Kelmscott Manor was just upriver and he venerated the architectural palimpsest of Oxford's historical past, but he also confronted the Oxonian establishment more than once, as an opponent of architectural "restoration," and as an avowed socialist and defender of the Socialist Democratic Federation.
Richard Howes (Coventry RC) secured ninth place in the Oxonian CC '50, at Wotton in 1-59-51.
Playfair) that ridiculed the Oxonian emphasis on the study of the
He loves visiting and seems endlessly fascinated by our odd Oxonian traditions.
In an astute assessment of some of the tensions leading up to Nortje's death, Leitch describes how his fear that the exiled poet had become a "supercilious Oxfordman" was quickly dispelled when they were reunited: "His speech was still unmistakably 'Baaienaar.' Instead of comporting himself with Oxonian propriety, he pranced through the West End like a Cape Town coon, singing 'slaamse moppies' and clutching two gallon cans of pipkin.