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general term for an ancient and prestigious and privileged university (especially Oxford University or Cambridge University)

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Although many of its previous students have gone on to a number of top-flight establishments, Adam is the first student to go on to study at an Oxbridge university, marking a real milestone for the Gosforth-based, independent school.
Ian Lucas MP OXFORD BLUES: Students from North Wales are being overlooked for Oxbridge university places
At the KING'S ACADEMY in Coulby Newham Stephen Cox, 18, from Easterside became the school's first student to win a place at an Oxbridge university.
London, Feb 19 (ANI): An unknown female blogger is said to have started a racy online diary describing her sexual exploits and affairs at an Oxbridge university.
It revolves around eight bright lads who are pushed to try for a place at an Oxbridge university by an uptight headmaster who is desperate for the reflected glory this would bring.