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general term for an ancient and prestigious and privileged university (especially Oxford University or Cambridge University)

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At the KING'S ACADEMY in Coulby Newham Stephen Cox, 18, from Easterside became the school's first student to win a place at an Oxbridge university. He is going to Queen's College, Cambridge, to read maths after achieving two A*s in maths and further maths, two As in chemistry and physics, and a level one pass in the STEP award for entry to Oxbridge.
London, Feb 19 (ANI): An unknown female blogger is said to have started a racy online diary describing her sexual exploits and affairs at an Oxbridge university.
It revolves around eight bright lads who are pushed to try for a place at an Oxbridge university by an uptight headmaster who is desperate for the reflected glory this would bring.
Somewhere in the chilly bowels of an Oxbridge University library, some earnest double major in visual arts and sociology must be toiling over a thesis titled "Billy Elliot's Indian Soul Sister: Class, Gender Expectation, and Disapproving Daddies in 21stCentury England."
"He is a clever boy in the top third of his class and I have been told by his mother that he is ambitious to do well at school and beyond school - he plans to go to an Oxbridge university and then on to Harvard.