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the land inside an oxbow bend in a river

a U-shaped curve in a stream

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a wooden framework bent in the shape of a U

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Furthermore, improvements in the last decade appear to be coincident with the steady increase in restored oxbows, which other research has implicated as beneficial to Topeka shiners.
Floods, drying, habitat connectivity, and fish occupancy dynamics in restored and unrestored oxbows of West Central Iowa, USA.
10 May 2016 - Westlake, Ohio-based mobility managed service provider Technology Recovery Group has acquired a 30% stake in US-based app Oxbow Social Media Monitoring, the company said.
temminckii selected nest-sites based on characteristics of microhabitat at the two oxbows. The microhabitat variables that we measured were selected based on descriptions of nest-sites gleaned from the literature and from observations of nesting activity in a captive population of M.
But there are still oxbows across the country with good hunting waiting to be discovered, and Sugar Lake could make a comeback.
To date, the Service's Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, with support from the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and The Nature Conservancy, has restored 53 oxbows in the North Raccoon River watershed and another in the Boone River watershed.
And, on the last day, I'll take you to a Mississippi River oxbow for gadwalls." I happen to like variety in my waterfowling.
These verdant scars -- lush earthen oxbows -- prove more fertile than land never cut.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 10, 2016-Technology Recovery Group buys stake in Oxbow
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-May 10, 2016-Technology Recovery Group buys stake in Oxbow
It shows a large wooden object in the foreground, which is identified as an oxbow. It is really an ox yoke.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 10, 2016-Technology Recovery Group Acquires 30% Stake in Oxbow Social Media Monitoring