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Welsh chieftain who led a revolt against Henry IV's rule in Wales (1359-1416)


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Owain Glyndwr hoped for two Welsh Universities: Lloyd George (right), as Chancellor of the Exchequer, gave very important financial support to Aberystwyth, Cardiff and Bangor University Colleges.
Bolingbroke intercepted and stopped Glyndwr's army at Woodbury Hill near Worcester before it could reach the Onennau Meigion, but at noon on Easter Saturday, March 31, the Owain Glyndwr Society will unveil a noticeboard at Six Ashes -- halfway between Stourbridge and Bridgnorth on the A458 -- to commemorate this ancient landmark.
Breverton says: "If it had not been for Owain Glyndwr's 15-year struggle against overhwelming odds, the Welsh would not have survived as Europe's oldest nation.
It will trace the visionary path outlined by Owain Glyndwr, who is mentioned in Shakepeare's Henry IV Part One, from a 1406 letter to the King of France about universities in Wales to the creation of Glyndwr University 600 years later.
Owain Glyndwr is a big hero for me, the biggest Welsh hero there has ever been.
Now the Owain Glyndwr Society has enlisted the help of Bradford University in their search for the grave before the turn of the century.
In any other country Owain Glyndwr's home would be a place of pilgrimage not an unrecognisable mound of dirt.
Owain Glyndwr will be used to promote tourism in Conwy
A 600-year-old mystery about where Welsh rebel leader Owain Glyndwr is buried may have been solved.
This is welcome, but sadly many Welsh people are unaware of the histories surrounding princes such as Owain Gwynedd, Lord Rhys the two Llywelyns and Owain Glyndwr. It is surely time to ensure that these gaps in our knowledge are rectified in the new humanities curriculum.
Little was taught about Owain Glyndwr in my schooldays.
We have lots to be proud of here and it wouldn't hurt to showcase it a bit more Emma Giles OWAIN Glyndwr Day.
Wyneb Glyndwr (S4C, 9pm) Mae Julian Lewis Jones a thim o arbenigwyr yn mynd ar daith ryngwladol i ddod o hyd i wyneb Owain Glyndwr. Maent yn casglu cliwiau ar y daith ac yn bwydo'r cliwiau yn 'l i arbenigwyr fydd yn ail-greu wyneb Owain Glyndwr o'r newydd gan ddefnyddio'r dechnoleg gyfrifiadurol ddiweddaraf.
So take your Owain Glyndwr and St David's Cross flags and GET WAVING FOR WALES!