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revealing excessive self-confidence


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One prevailing issue in overreaching and overtraining research is the putative lack of laboratory-based resistance training protocols which promote an 'overreaching'-like signature as discussed above.
The negative impact of this poorly crafted and overreaching regulation, particularly on small businesses, has been well documented and we urge the Obama administration to withdraw this flawed proposal immediately," observes Associated Builders & Contractors Vice President of Government Affairs Geoff Burr.
The new administration has expressed an awareness of this history and a desire to avoid the kind of overly-partisan, legislative overreaching demonstrated by previous administrations.
The resistance of state and local governments jealous to maintain their powers against federal overreaching beyond its constitutional authority has been thoroughly undermined.
Notwithstanding representations of confidentiality by Finance, industry representatives remain uncomfortable with the form and believe that many portions of it are overreaching and require information well beyond the scope of what is permitted by law.
Certainly, they were not enamored by the fourth-century understanding of Christian civilization, but they believed the spirit of Christendom could be expressed within a secular world order only by aspiring to a system of international law that protects human dignity from the overreaching power of the state.
The outward modesty of Carl Suddath's enterprise might suggest a reluctance to experiment quite as dangerous, for a young artist, as its overreaching antithesis.
While the society emphasizes the need for responsible training, prevention and compliances with the laws and regulations governing these workplace protections, it is critiical to insulate the industry from overreaching regulatory burdens.
We are reliant on the integrity of the environment, and yet we're overreaching our use of the resources.
Leaders of this movement constantly moan about overreaching federal courts.
has backed away from an overreaching treaty that could harm medical research and hinder possible cures for millions throughout the world," Daniel Perry, president of the coalition, said in a statement.
At times scathing, witty, rollicking funny or all too serious, The Letter Writer is a compelling parable of greed, overreaching, vanity, and the human struggle to understand what truly matters in life .
The Kimbell decision includes some language reflecting factual differences between that case and Strangi, but the Fifth Circuit may reign in some of the more overreaching implications of Strangi II, particularly the rejection of fiduciary principles and extension of IRC Sec.
Employed by enforcement authorities without concern for its potential for abuse and overreaching, forfeiture can be seen as providing police with excessive powers that infringe upon concepts of fundamental fairness and due process of law.
Drawing on his analysis of more than 1,200 court cases and decades of data, Arum finds that overreaching by the courts has crippled the moral authority of educators.