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a person who has general authority over others

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It all boils down to trust and breaking rules, including those of Evil Overlords.
The Gandhi star and the former X-Files actress are both attached to Our Robot Overlords, according to reports from the US.
The Government should go back to their Troika overlords who now run the country and explain that Ireland is not a police state.
Swedish metal overlords Opeth aren't the sort of musicians who rest on mere volume.
Perhaps word hasn't filtered through yet to this pair that their overlords have made drastic cuts.
The Crucible of Empire tells of humans and overlords who join forces to save the Earth from aliens called the Ekhat--an effort that will change their relationship and that creates an uncertain alliance between former enemies.
The elitist overlords of our Conservative-Liberal council no doubt travel the roads in their expensive, tax-payer funded cars as they look down upon their handy work with glee, planning similar destructions for other parts of our town - dare I mention the horrid library plans?
What Ireland saw was that it would lose all its hard-fought rights by signing this Treaty - when it took them centuries to get their country back from the grip of English overlords.
The Codex Vergara was drawn up by Aztec surveyors in dispute with their Spanish overlords.
Bloodthirsty Overlords rule the earth, directing hideous, humanoid creatures to harvest the brains and muscles of teens for use in engineering foul beasts to fight senseless wars.
In a powerfully imagined, futuristic urban wasteland, faceless Overlords reap a grisly harvest of young lives.
Obviously, I explained to the nonplussed newshounds, they had better do battle with their network overlords, who were keeping them in the dark, feeding them instead diversionary folderol (like giant pickles, Madonna's latest video, and the bedding practices of Hollywood celebs).
An industry expert has scoffed at statements made last week by the company's new overlords, the Nanjing Automobile Group.
Santa killed the evil Martian overlords and flew us here from Pluto on his sled.
We will talk about our overlords behind their backs