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Synonyms for overburden

the surface soil that must be moved away to get at coal seams and mineral deposits

Related Words

an excessive burden


Related Words

burden with too much work or responsibility

Related Words

load with excessive weight

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130) Furthermore, the court found that the new formatting regulations would require so much time and space to be devoted to disclosures that they would "effectively rule out an attorney's ability to include one or more of the disclaimer-requiring elements" in a short advertisement and, thus, were overburdensome and unconstitutional.
222) This will address both mortgage brokers' and advocates like the CRL's concerns that disclosures not be overburdensome yet still be "meaningful" and "effective.
However, if legislation is seen as overburdensome, it becomes a twoedged sword.
The same kinds of deceits surround the other purported burdens on Wall Street--overzealous criminal prosecutors, overburdensome regulations, duplicative civil enforcement from state and federal agencies.
Second, the public duty doctrine exception primarily protects the government against overburdensome tort liability, as well as furthering separation of powers interest.
It shall be grounds for objection to producing evidence that the information sought by either party is irrelevant, overburdensome, repetitious, or privileged.