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poor acting by a ham actor

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It's just a pity that the incoherent plotting, hack dialogue and shameless over-acting make getting there such an unintentionally hilarious trip.
The crew walked off; they probably thought I was just over-acting, or being a madam
Because coming out the same time as Arnie's unstoppable cyborg in 1984 pretty much meant curtains for his own movie, despite featuring some rather nifty acid-squirting Meccano arachnids and a wildly over-acting Gene Simmons from KISS as the baddie.
and, as always, the entire evening revolved around endless footage of laughably hammy over-acting, various unconvincing crashes, unrealistic fires and exploding buildings.
As games of Guess The Survivor go, it rivalled Agatha Christie for tension and occasionally over-acting.
Actual Cougar Town - Monica from Friends over-acting as usual.
Could it be the gormlessly grinning David Tennant who, with his eyes like saucers and mouth wide open in amazement, looks like he's going all out to win a Bafta for over-acting, hamming it up, or repeatedly looking like a person who's just been told that Gretna had won the Champions League?
The humour is slapstick at best and the performances are so weak that almost all of the actors couldn't even be bothered to phone them in, with Travolta and Liotta over-acting wildly, while the slurring Lawrence struggles to even deliver his lines.
If he'd been driving a Porsche Cayenne S instead of a battered pick-up he'd have saved us an hour of painful over-acting.
All the things that work in musicals - over-the-top sets, over-acting, over-pronunciation and oversight as far as plot and enjoyable duration go - don't on film.
Nick Hamm's film is a tale for our times that begins strongly, then sadly veers towards the preposterous as screenwriter Mark Bomback contrives a final twist, lubricated with some embarrassing over-acting by De Niro.
You take real life and have to make it smaller, if that makes sense, or else you can look like you're over-acting.
I used to sit in make-up looking in the mirror and think, 'I'm over-acting before I've started'.
The match ended in farcical fashion, with Essex resorting to mock 50-yard run-ups and tumbling over-acting in the field to appease a crowd who later accused the Australians during the man-of-the-match presentations of sacrificing sportsmanship.
I take it her horrendous over-acting on Friday night was part of Do Something Funny For Money?