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poor acting by a ham actor

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Oh, there was also a wildly over-acting Juliet Stevenson as The Oracle, a soothsayer who tells Jason he'd actually been born in Atlantis but had been transported to Earth by his father not long after they'd.
Day turned to night in a matter of seconds, no one thought to call an ambulance for poor Lola (unless it was stopped on its way and fined for driving in an Olympic lane), and acting turned to over-acting in a flash.
And Claire Danes is considerably less sweet here than she was with Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet, over-acting her way through a bipolar episode which seems to make her alliterate all of her gabbled sentences.
After that match Robben came under fire for over-acting, with Stuttgart striker Martin Harnik hitting out: Robben is the kind of player who is already on his way down before you even touch him.
We were promised an inferno but got a damp squib - complete with chronic over-acting by Barbara Windsor.
Harry Hill's TV Burp ITV1, 7pm We hope Britain's programme-makers have been working extra hard this week to fill their shows with over-acting extras and lines of dialogue that take on a whole new meaning when heard out of context.
Bhatia is keen, though, that his pupils not fulfill the Bollywood stereotype of melodramatic over-acting, and he even chafes at the very mention of the word Bollywood, seeing the link to Hollywood as demeaning to the Indian film industry.
A certain over-acting is evident in some roles, including Kecal as played by the important Wagnerian bass, now dead, Karel Ridderbusch, but overall the opera is presented realistically and credible, including the witty scenes by the comic players--their principal sung by the then 73-year-old baritone Erich Kunz.
First, they don't like Mike's choice of lead actor (the over-acting replacement is hilariously played by Fran Kranz).
Although a comedy with Carrey in full over-acting mode, the film has an interesting dark mood, revealing the uglier side of the American Way.
Talking points abound, which shouldn't take away from a focus on the game and only occasionally over-acting cadre of thesps who throw themselves into this emotional cauldron.
Filmmakers in every land have tackled religious themes, but Hollywood's intersection with the Book yields a particularly rich trove of risible over-acting, melodrama, special effects and every so often, genuine beauty.
Pros: Randolph can carry a show once he calms down and stops over-acting.
Wallis Giunta as the Child conveys the initial high spirits and stages of confusion and despair superbly without over-acting.
But the writing and over-acting of Heartbeat as a whole - and a really bad attempt at an Irish accent, which is over the place - for me just didn't cut it.