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Synonyms for outsize

Synonyms for outsize

an unusual garment size (especially one that is very large)

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larger than normal for its kind

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I do not think this aircraft should be able to accommodate the Army's outsize cargo.
In March 1976, the Air Staff queried AFSC and MAC about using an AMST derivative as a primary strategic, outsize cargo aircraft.
This country should never become dependent on one strategic airlifter for outsize cargo," he said.
The total payload capacity of 127,000 pounds, and the cabin volume of the widebody L-1011 freighter, will also permit the airline to carry outsize cargo that cannot be accommodated on the DC-8s.
The C-130 can, but it can't take the outsize cargo, like the C-17.
It is the only airlift option that can fly international distances into short, austere airfields, deliver its outsize cargo, and return to its staging base with little or no ground support.
The C-17, the Air Force's newest airlifter, is being used because it is highly reliable, able to carry outsize cargo and can quickly deliver time-sensitive equipment.
The C-17 is designed to deliver outsize cargo, troops and supplies directly to forward austere airfields, as well as airdrop soldiers and equipment.
The C-17 is the only airlifter in the world designed to carry outsize cargo, troops and humanitarian aid across international distances and land on forward, unimproved airstrips as short as 3,000 feet and as narrow as 90 feet.