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Synonyms for outsize

Synonyms for outsize

an unusual garment size (especially one that is very large)

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larger than normal for its kind

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With regard to the issue of semi-prepared and unprepared runways, we all need to remember that we are essentially dealing with dirt, and both the C-130 and C-17 have limitations on such runways, albeit the C-17 would carry in three to four times as much, plus outsize cargo, in just one landing.
Ambak says outsize cargo is a significant part of Cargolux' business and Cargolux has made an effort to be better than its competitors.
I do not think this aircraft should be able to accommodate the Army's outsize cargo.
This country should never become dependent on one strategic airlifter for outsize cargo," he said.
We are also in the process of planning a new multi-purpose cargo facility, primarily allocated for outsize cargo.
The C-130 can, but it can't take the outsize cargo, like the C-17.
If Air Charter Service ships outsize cargo, it's usually because something went wrong.
In September, Airbus launches the A300-600ST Super Transporter, a freighter for outsize cargo.
Other outsize cargo pieces handled by the dnata team in fiscal year 2011-2012 included a 25-tonne turbine generator and heavy vehicles weighing nearly 30 tonnes apiece.
KAL embarked on an overhaul of portions of its product portfolio last year, revamping services aimed at perishables, shock-sensitive freight and outsize cargo.
The ability to react quickly is a key reason why outsize cargo flights experienced double-digit growth in 2011, explains Dennis Gliznoutsa, group commercial director of charters for Volga-Dnepr Group, AirBridgeCargo's parent company.
The carrier from Azerbaijan recently teamed up with World Airways to provide lift for outsize cargo.
The outsize cargo market has historically been fueled by commercial projects--oil and gas, telecommunications, energy, etc.
In addition to the feature about South Korea, the May issue includes reports on outsize cargo and security.
Unique and outsize cargos are carried by An-124s and Il-76s while the second business is scheduled routes with 747s, which can sometimes be used to carry charter cargo.