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someone who enters into a subcontract with the primary contractor

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Thus they like to go for outsourcing of end-to-end systems rather than out-tasking of selected functionalities as practiced in more developed markets.
These include out-tasking, co-managed services, managed services and full outsourcing.
A third option recently emerged, which involves a consortium of local landscaping entrepreneurs across the country who have joined together to provide a best-practice approach for those who do prefer the out-tasking but require a single source.
In our experience--and in the experience of the executives we interviewed--outsourcing arrangements can be grouped into four categories: out-tasking; co-managed services; managed services; and full outsourcing, also known as business process outsourcing (BPO).
Cost savings and out-tasking of non core activities are also important factors for choosing the Italtel/Cisco solution."
Many managers are realizing the benefits of out-tasking successive elements of an integrated real estate process.
'With group turnover for 2001-2002 targeted at pounds 2 billion, the combined enterprise provides major European-based companies and government organisations with a strong and proven IT partner for network supply, management and out-tasking,' he said.
More recently, the technological innovations that streamline business processes have kept outsourcing and out-tasking opportunities thriving.
CONVERGENCE IS among the key factors driving the trend in out-tasking network services.
The advantage to out-tasking is that network management is the RNMS provider's primary focus.
This embraces: Planning, to help companies decide on desktop strategy; Requisition, or supplying the desktops to corporations and governments; Implementation, or rollout of desktop systems; Support services, for maintenance, training, software upgrades and user support; and Management services, or out-tasking, for project management, procurement management, network monitoring and smaller tasks, such as running customer helpdesks.
In February, the MNS Alliance was created between BellSouth and EDS to deliver out-tasking services that meet the information technology management and networking needs of businesses.
According to Motorola, it provided out-tasking and outsourcing options as part of its Managed Services enhance network operations, in order to meet individual and customised business needs.
They are shedding or considering detaching internal management of their wide area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs) and Internet security functions, and out-tasking with external managed network service (MNS) providers.