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someone who enters into a subcontract with the primary contractor

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Thus they like to go for outsourcing of end-to-end systems rather than out-tasking of selected functionalities as practiced in more developed markets.
Out-tasking is largely tactical; full outsourcing is almost always a strategic play.
A third option recently emerged, which involves a consortium of local landscaping entrepreneurs across the country who have joined together to provide a best-practice approach for those who do prefer the out-tasking but require a single source.
There is a close relationship between the company and its corporate workspace, so it is often preferable for senior executives to maintain direct control of the real estate process by out-tasking rather than outsourcing.
One option for buying MNS is through an out-tasking relationship.
Out-tasking network services will significantly change the way that service providers and enterprises do business -- enabling a more cost-effective management of the organisation's infrastructure, while freeing up resources to focus on the company's core business functions.
The tool is an interactive customizable cost model that helps companies evaluate the true differences between in-house management and out-tasking.
In out-tasking, the firm hires contractors to do specific tasks, but retains managerial control.
The ITZBund wishes to conclude a framework agreement with single works contract retrieve based on the creation of software packages for the distribution of software, including second-level support as part of a sourcing or out-tasking.
According to Motorola, it provided out-tasking and outsourcing options as part of its Managed Services enhance network operations, in order to meet individual and customised business needs.
The applications that you still run in house and the applications that you're out-tasking to an MSP (or MSPs) need to be able to talk to each other.
Such out-tasking appears to be used more frequently than outsourcing -- defined as the hiring of full-service, single-source vendors -- according to survey results.
Network out-tasking is the low-risk alternative to outsourcing.