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a scene that is filmed but is not used in the final editing of the film

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Gwyneth Strong - Cassandra Trotter in the BBC show - says: "The out-takes brought back loads of memories for us, memories you don't even realise are there until you start seeing that material.
Posting his efforts on Twitter and copying in First Minister - and Welsh-speaker - Carwyn Jones, Mr Barzun said simply: "Humbling out-takes from my Welsh lessons".
But in these clips he appears hunched and tired, with out-takes showing footage was heavily scripted.
Bonuses include behind the-scenes featurettes, deleted scenes and out-takes. (bbcamerica.com)--Diane Anderson-Minshall
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Indonesia; 2 Out-takes; 3 Dervishes; 4 Skin disorders; 5 MV Fredericia, later replaced by MV Mi Amigo.
Production company websites are often created as one-visit information sources but the new Coastal site will change constantly and give viewers something they can return to time and again, with features such as out-takes, story boards and behind-the-scenes video blogs.
CBS News confirmed that the out-takes, which amount to thousands of hours of film and video never shown on air, will not be made available.
Thank the lord All New TV's Naughtiest Blunders 14, featuring another outrageous crop of out-takes and foul-ups, or something, is on afterwards to calm us all down.
"All the funny out-takes are there, too," says Louise, 28.
Intermittent snippets of conversation suggesting rehearsal out-takes rang with a self-consciously clever sitcom snap, ultimately not terribly enlightening or deep.
Sad to say, while the new DVD offers the chance to reassess T&L as a cultural artifact and to cull the out-takes and commentaries, it produces no smoking gun.
Just about all of the music released on two recent CDs - Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock (MCAD 11063) and Jimi Hendrix: Blues (MACD 11060) - ave been available for some time to collectors or aficionados via bootlegs, often from those friends of various music industry personnel who have had access to board tapes of concerts or dubs or out-takes from recording sessions, or copies of jams and audience-taped performances recorded on a wide array of sound machinery.
1992).) Now the state legislature has gone a step further and extended discovery to out-takes. Under a new statute, parties must produce all tapes even when they do not intend to use them as evidence.
015 015 All New It'll Be Alright on the Night ITV, 9.00pm Welsh comedian and presenter Griff Rhys Jones presents a compilation of never-seen-before out-takes from the world of film and TV.
THE EXTRAS Includes commentary, out-takes, deleted and extended scenes and behind-thescenes featurette.