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gully or streambed in northern Africa and the Middle East that remains dry except during rainy season

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The Prime Minister will soon visit the tanneries to identify solutions to the environmental problems of Oued Chafrou, according to Mr.
Socially, the new development model for the southern provinces lays down provisions for building the Laayoune University Hospital Center and a town with high-tech industrial facilities in Foum El Oued, and promoting the Hassani culture to make it a lever for local development.
TV footage showed swiftly running waters from the Oued Talmaadart cutting across a highway, leaving cars stranded in the middle with people taking refuge on top of their vehicles.
As a major component of the city's liquid sanitation, the new plant will treat all the waste water produced by the city before rejecting it into the Oued Sebou river, contributing, therefore, to solving the problems of water resources' integrated management.
We have large complexes that we want to construct in Oued Keberit, Souk Ahras, to transform phosphates into a phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers," he pointed out.
Foum El Oued will be built in one of the windiest areas of Morocco in the municipality of Laayoune, 9 km south east of the port of Laayoune in Southern Morocco.
Recently however, the two women established something of a first by visiting a nearby cinema together, Their outing did not signify a drastic change in the social habits of middle aged Algerian women living in France but rather indicates the popularity achieved by the latest film from Algerian director Merzak Allouache, Bab el Oued City.
Quatre ressortissants subsahariens ont ete interpelles a El Oued par les services de la Gendarmerie nationale pour contrebande.
The combing operation also involved Mount "Lala Aycha", "Margouda", "Oued El Ghoul", "Ain Essid", "Oued El Ong", Oued Maez" in Mount "Kassar el Guelal", Sidi Youssef, Governorate of El Kef.
Durant la meme periode, le mercure pourrait enregistrer un pic de 46 degres dans les regions de Assa-Zag, Tata, l'interieur d'Aousserd, Oued Eddahab, Boujdour, Tantan, Sidi Ifni et Smara, a Inzegane, Ait Melloul et Taroudante, rapporte le communique.
Les gardes cotes ont intercepte jeudi au large des cotes mediterraneens de Oued Laou (region de Tetouan), apres une longue course poursuite et l'utilisation de leurs armes, un cormoran ayant a bord cinq trafiquants de drogue dont deux etrangers.
In Oued Zar in the far south, Agip in 1971 found the Chouech Essaida and ech-Chouech fields, both in a Triassic reservoir 12,600 ft and 11,888 ft deep, respectively - which it developed immediately.
The BEK permit borders the AGIP-operated Oued Zar concession where ten wells produce oil and gas from the Silurian Acacus sandstone as near as one kilometer from the BEK boundary.
Le moudjahid et homme de la presse Abdelaziz Chekiri, le premier a avoir hisse le drapeau algerien sur l'immeuble de la radio et television algeriennes (RTA) le 28 octobre 1962, a ete honore, hier a El Oued, a l'initiative de l'association Mechaal Echahid et du journal El Moudjahid.
HM King Mohammed VI launched, Tuesday in the northern city of Tetouan, the development and recalibration works of Oued Martil, a high environmental, social, urban and economic impact project, part of the integrated economic and urban development program of the city (2014-2018).