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the Turkish dynasty that ruled the Ottoman Empire from the 13th century to its dissolution after World War I


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Although, after collapse of Ottoman dynasty, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was the first country which recognized Turkey's independence, by onset of World War II and bipolarity of international system, Ankara joined the western bloc during Cold War and became a member of NATO.
Goffe's work focuses on the martial quality of the Ottoman dynasty in which every member of the family is equally militant.
The House of Osman, or Ottoman Dynasty, shaped the city on the Bosphorus into the first headquarters for what would become the luxury-goods industry.
These chapters emphasize the earnest efforts of the sultan and his advisers, especially Vani Mehmed Efendi, to restore the current and future image of the Ottoman dynasty as a lineage of Muslim warriors (ghazis) bent on facilitating the conversion of non-Muslims to the true faith.
The Ottoman dynasty had first been seen in public for a 2006 documentary film made by state-run broadcaster TRT.
The first stop in Greece will be Kavala, birthplace of the 19th century pasha, Mohammed Ali, of an Ottoman dynasty of illustrious rulers.
We suggest firstly here that sedentary palace lifestyle exacerbated metabolic syndrome in Ottoman dynasty especially in elderly members, thereafter complicated by cardiovascular events, even in pre-modern era.
Taken from the Roman edition of Antonio Blado, the text covers the history of the Ottoman dynasty from its origins under Osman to the most recent exploits of Suleyman the Magnificent, followed by thoughtful observations on the current state of Turkish military, political, and bureaucratic organization.
21) Apart from personal piety or the desire to strengthen the Ottoman dynasty through the prayers of dervishes on a supernatural level, on a more mundane plane, these donations must have been motivated by, the wish to both attract and recompense the loyalties of pious subjects, in order to knit them more closely into the Ottoman fabric.
He describes at length how he was brought up and how other members of the Ottoman dynasty fared under the Law of Fratricide and how later heirs to the throne were confined to the cage and were cut off from the outside world.
The plot depends on the tension between Mark-Alem's function as an officer of the Sultan, and his position as the youngest son of an Albanian Ottoman dynasty at a time of political unrest in the Empire.
An exhibition commemorating the seven-hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Ottoman dynasty brings masterworks from the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul to three American cities.
Ottomanism and Islamism were dismissed mainly for being unable to hold together the multi-ethnic Ottoman commonwealth even though the two ideologies were rooted in tangible concrete realities, that is, an Ottoman dynasty, society, and history and an Ottoman-Turkish Muslim community with its own culture and specific behavioral patterns.
thesis, it is an analysis of the sexual and succession politics of the Ottoman dynasty.
He enlarged the Ottoman Empire into the Middle East and North Africa in 1514--1517 and gained the title Caliph of Islam for the Ottoman dynasty after his conquest of Egypt in 1517.