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King of the Germans and Holy Roman Emperor (912-973)

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"Tommy has a lot of sensory challenges in that he might hear noises more loudly than you or I but now Otto is there to support him and be beside him all the time.
(14) Mathilda, Otto I's daughter, became abbess of Quedlinburg when she was just eleven, while her cousin, Gerberga II (niece of Otto I and daughter of Henry, duke of Bavaria), joined Gandersheim at an equally early age.
If this was so, why, then, did Otto I accept her as a bride for his son?
Randy does not attempt to be Winston Churchill, Randy Otto is Winston Churchill."
Judge Otto is highly regarded in Cook County and boasts an impressive resume.
Otto is also clear that those pre-rational ideas have the same basis as those that are rational and it is that basis that he finds to be consistent with naturalistic descriptions of the world.
Now 30-year-old Otto is still full of dreams, and it is not the last we have heard of this young man.
Otto is an imaginative cat who imagines an improved world filled with his favorite color, orange.
Otto is thus not a supporter of the Kaufmann school's pre-exilic dating of the Priestly text, although he would agree with them that the Holiness Code is younger than the rest of the Priestly text.
OTTO is at proscenium; Mother and Dr enter from upstage right, carrying cane seats.
OTTO We said we would never get another When the last of our dogs went to sleep But when our eyes did fix on big Otto We just wanted him home to keep Just because he's so big & strong Doesn't mean that he's built for fight Otto would rather come & lick you Than use his canine teeth to bite But what I find so mystifying Is why Rottweilers get a bad name Because our Otto is so really gentle With a personality so calm & so tame So don't be scared or alarmed If a great big dog comes your way It will probably just be our Otto Jumping about & wanting to play Jackie May, Bosworth Road, Barlestone, Nr Nuneaton.
Otto is proud to have been part of this successful development, which was the foundation asset upon which the Company was listed in 2004.
SUPERMARKET mascot Otto is embarking on a new challenge.