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Stiell I, Wells G, Laupacis A, Brison R, Verbeek R, Vandemheen K and Naylor CD (1995): Multicentre trial to introduce the Ottawa ankle rules for use of radiography in acute ankle injuries.
6 Total 28 100 Table 4: Investigations undertaken if appropriate using the Ottawa Ankle Rules Investigations Number of Percentage of participants participants X-ray 9 32.
Prospective evaluation of the Ottawa Ankle Rules in a university sports medicine center: with a modification to increase specificity for identifying malleolar fractures.
The Ottawa Ankle Rules were established by Stiell and Greenberg as a guideline to determine when to obtain radiographs for ankle injuries.
The Ottawa ankle rules are one example of clinical decision rules that physiotherapists use.
The Ottawa Ankle Rules can significantly decrease the number of unnecessary ankle radiographs.
Our proposed framework addresses situations in which change is desired because one or more clinicians are not following a diagnostic or therapeutic strategy characterized by both of the following: (1) it has been proved efficacious and effective (examples include prescribing [Beta]-blockers to patients with coronary artery disease[6] and using the Ottawa ankle rules to determine the need for radiography[7,8]), and (2) there is a recurring need for it in the clinician's practice; and any change would affect a substantial number of that clinician's patients (eg, treating diabetic hypertension in most cardiologists' or family physicians' practices).
These rules, called the Ottawa ankle rules, were 100% sensitive and potentially reduced the number of radiographs by 30% to 34%.
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