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a member of a pastoral Bantu people living in Namibia, Botswana, and Angola

a Banto language spoken by the Herero in Namibia, Botswana, and Angola

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Kandjou also noted that another argument was that Otjiherero was non-inclusive hence suggestions that it was high time Otjimbanderu orthography be developed.
Multiple noun class prefixes in Otjiherero. In AUSTIN P., BOND O., CHARETTE, M., NATHAN, D., SELLS, P., Proceeding of Conference on Language Documentation & Linguistic Theory 2, London.
This, and the fact that these groups usually sing in Otjiherero, sometimes in Oshiwambo, further distinguishes Oviritje from most other popular Namibian musical genres, mainly from Kwaito and R & B artists.
The founder of the project, Christien Roos of Groningen in the Netherlands, called it 'Penduka' after a common greeting in the Otjiherero and Oshiwambo languages in Namibia.
Schools were selected that teach Oshiwambo, Khoekhoegowab, Afrikaans, Ruk wangali, Otjiherero and Silozi, as school subjects.
However, sixteen years after the publication of the Vision, not one of the marginalized ethnic languages has been included into the school curriculum, including Ikalanga, Shiyeyi, Otjiherero, Naro, Ju[??]hoan, which have had an abundance of potential textbooks and other literacy materials.
One also notes 10 December 1959, when Namibian women stood alongside their male counterparts to resist the forced relocation of residents from the Old Location to Katutura, an Otjiherero word meaning "the place where people do not want to live." For her part in resisting this forced relocation, SWAPO declared 10 December Namibian Woman's Day in tribute to the bravery of Kakurukaze Mungunda.
The anthology is a collection of 102 poems, of which 60 are in English, 40 in Otjiherero, one in Afrikaans, one in French, five in both English and Otjiherero and one in all four languages.
The 35 skulls and two skeletons are of Namibians that descended from the OtjiHerero, OshiWambo, Khao-San and Damara/Nama.
Table 1: Number of years languages other than English were studied Language Number 3 Years 7 Years 12 Years Afrikaans 22 10 12 French 3 3 German 6 4 2 Oshindonga 11 1 3 7 Khoekhoegowab 3 1 2 Ndebele 1 1 Oshikwanyama 6 1 2 3 Oshiwambo 5 1 1 3 Otjiherero 1 1 Rukwangali 1 1 Shona 1 1 Table 2: First languages of respondents LANGUAGE NUMBER English 25 Oshikwanyama 9 Afrikaans 21 Oshiwambo 9 Oshindonga 9 Khoekhoegowab 7 German 2 Rukwangali 1 Subia 1 Silozi 1 Umbundu 1 Shona 1 Table 4: Languages studied at tertiary level LANGUAGE NUMBER Oshikwanyama 1 Otjiherero 1 Oshiwambo 4 Afrikaans 3 French 4 Portuguese 3 Oshindonga 3 German 3 TOTAL 21
The pamphlets are available in English, Afrikaans, Otjiherero and Oshiwambo.
Kilus Nguvauva addresses them and not in his native Otjiherero which all of them understand but rather in English spelling out the plans his party has to bring about much needed change.
"Hakahana" is an Otjiherero word meaning, "hurry up", and that is what the poet is urging all Namibians to do in his poems.
For example, in my Otjiherero culture, when I die, my heritage traditionally goes to my nephews, while the Constitution now says that my heritage should go to my wife and children.
The anthology of English and Otjiherero poems by Hungiree Billawer is the first step in a creative career that will hopefully still produce many more such African fruits.