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United States inventor who manufactured the first elevator with a safety device (1811-1861)

type genus of the Otididae: European bustard

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The Otis report is the first to focus so comprehensively on the creative industry, Kyser said.
Otis was resistant to PST-43, PST-45, and PST-98 but susceptible to PST-37 and PST-78 indicating that it has race-specific, all-stage (seedling) resistance to some races.
The principle components of the Otis System are so well constructed they are guaranteed for life.
But Otis Ferry is not considered to be a yob because he talks posh, lives on a very different kind of estate and his wealthy daddy is well-connected.
Authorities will present their findings to a grand jury to determine whether charges will be filed against Otis, but charges are unlikely because Texas law states "that a person is justified in using deadly force to protect land or other property .
Otis was created around five years ago and while Rich really gets into character on stage - many audience members believe Otis is real - Rich has also continued with his own stand-up act.
OTIS also produces fact sheets for patients that discuss the fetal effects of pregnancy exposure to a variety of drugs, environmental chemicals, and diseases.
Jason Goodwin tells the story of Otis through all these developments, up to the present situation where it is a subsidiary of the giant United Technologies.
Kim Widder, the restaurant's new manager, said Otis Zark will be open from 10 a.
Otis is a manufacturer and installer of elevators, escalators, and moving walkway systems.
Otis President Stephen Page said a consolidation among the four companies, either among themselves or with foreign interests, is likely within the next 12 to 18 months.
AP)--It's just a blip on the map along Oregon 18 where beach-bound travelers can stop to fill their tanks or fill their bellies at the Otis Cafe.
Since he published his major works in the 1760s, writers have cast James Otis as a Hamlet, vacillating between resistance to and accommodation with illegitimate parliamentary authority, and flirting with madness in the process.
JUST weeks after Otis Bowie Earls was born three and a half months early, he was so poorly that nurses said he was "growing his angel wings" ready to ascend to heaven.