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French pope from 1088 to 1099 whose sermons called for the First Crusade (1042-1099)

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In a similar vein, Historical Pictures of the Middle Ages, in Black and White, attributed to Alicia Moore (London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1848), Stephania poisons Otho with a pair of poisonous embroidered gloves (316).
Aside from their suicides, there are other similarities between Nero, the last of the Julio-Claudians, and Otho, who had toppled his predecessor Galba in a bloody coup d'etat.
In the first (August-September 2007), I interviewed Frank Wiewel, founder and director of People Against Cancer (PAC), a nonprofit, member-supported, public benefit organization based in Otho, lowa.
They served as guarantees that Flavian rule would not be fleeting as were the reigns of Galba, Otho, and Vitelius.
Australia: Terry Curley; Otho Fox, Jim Potts, Jim Lenehan, Rod Phelps; Ray Harvey, Des Connor; Bob Davidson (capt), Jim Brown, Nick Sheahadie, Tony Miller, Alan Cameron, Peter Fenwicke, Norm Hughes, Ken Yanz Scorers: Try: R Harvey, Shehadie; Con: R Harvey; Pen: Lenehan Referee: L Griffin (Abertillery) 5 November, 1966 Cardiff 14, Australia 8 Cardiff: Ray Cheney; Keri Jones, Ken Jones, Gerald Davies, Maurice Richards; Phil Morgan, Billy Hullin; John O'Shea, Billy Thomas, Howard Norris, Keith Rowlands (capt), Lyn Baxter, John Hickey, Clive Evans, Tony Pender.
Speaking to reporters at the Dastarbandi ceremony of Sardar Ameer Otho, who was declared the chieftain of Otho tribe after the death of his father, he said the PPP always trusted people who voted it into power.
She was born June 6, 1926, in Cottage Grove to Otho and Annie Westlake Parr.
Arguably, moreover, the mere fact that the torture of Otho with a burning crown imitates "a known method of capital punishment in the Renaissance" (21) matters less than the way in which this detail transforms the Prince's monitory skeleton into a familiar image of King Death--thereby identifying Clois Hoffman, like Vindice in The Revenger's Tragedy, as the orchestrator of a perverted Totentanz.
In the final essay Muir addresses the libretto for Monteverdi's opera Incoronatione di Poppea, by Giovanni Francesco Busenello, in which Emperor Nero repudiates his wife Octavia and arranges for the death of philosopher Seneca in order to marry Poppea, the wife of Otho.
Originally 110 folios, the larger part of the manuscript (Cotton Otho C.
Simon McKeown's account of Nils Bielke's Neo-Stoic gallery at Skokloster Castle examines a unique series of paintings that are based on emblems from the popular emblem book Emblemata Horatiana by Otho Vaenius.
The president of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation, Otho R.
My brother Otho, for example, came to Japan to be with me while I was in the hospital recovering from my injuries.
The day after Bilbo leaves, Lobelia and Otho descend upon Bag End to find out what he has left to them.
A silver Tetradrachm Roman coin, from the reign of Emperor Otho, AD69, under review by Dr Matthew Ponting, at Liverpool University's Hartley Building Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL' The collection will unearth secrets about Roman life' A half milimetre drill is used to extract metals from the coin' Unknown Roman coins' A Roman coin