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the conqueror of Turkey who founded the Ottoman Empire and the Ottoman dynasty that ruled Turkey after the 13th century


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Othman is proud to say that Rashid Centre has been instrumental in changing the public perception on people with special needs or as what Sheikh Mohammed calls 'people of determination'.
Othman is the man known for bringing us the ultra-successful Zuma.
Meanwhile, Othman is currently working on developing a website to share the feedback with everyone.
UDC chairman and managing director Turki Al Khater said: "Al Othman is a perfect fit to lead the company.
Slowly, Othman is coming to grips with the mental aspect of golf.
It further said Othman is credited with easing some strong recommendations included in the National Dialogue Conference entrusted with making the new Yemeni constitution that includes equality between the two sexes, prohibiting discrimination and defining the minimum marriage age at 18.
As far as Othman is concerned, "everything has been stolen from this country except its history.