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German philosopher who argued that cultures grow and decay in cycles (1880-1936)


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I was then in college and was reading books like "The Decline of the West" by Oswald Spengler. That might have influenced me.
Herrero Senes elucidates how Oswald Spengler's The Decline of the West (1918-1922) and Ludwig Wittgenstein's Tractatus logico-philosophicus (1921) speak for the existential limbo with which many European and Spanish intellectuals wrestled.
The sense then of a "crumbling" world was captured by William Butler Yeats' 1919 poem "The Second Coming": "Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;/Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world." With the traditional institutions of rule thoroughly discredited by the war, the vacuum of legitimacy would be filled by powerful demagogues and populist dictatorships: "The best lack all conviction, while the worst/are full of passionate intensity." Oswald Spengler had the same idea in his Decline of the West, published in 1918.
Harder to render campus-friendly is Nietzsche's more straightforward disciple Oswald Spengler (1880-1936), who was buried with a copy of Zarathustra.
The key message of this remarkably lucid, if occasionally esoteric, study is the revelation that Nietzsche--and several other thinkers including Karl Marx, Oswald Spengler, Sigmund Freud, Martin Heidegger, and Ludwig Wittgenstein--did not merely play the violin as the ship of Reason sank into an ocean of hatred and barbarism, they urged it on, whether from self-hatred--subliminal or otherwise--misguided idealism, profound disenchantment with logic, or a mixture of all three.
Redner holds that the tragedy of Europe is for the first time clearly expressed in the work of Oswald Spengler. His chapter on Spengler sets the stage for much that follows.
One should approach the definition of 'decline' with caution, remembering that such notions have been widely used by a variety of thinkers from Edward Gibbon to Oswald Spengler. A clear definition of what 'decline' actually means is essential.
One is Oswald Spengler's classic The Decline of the West which inspired Savinio's use of geo-historical figures as the main axes of his thought (e.g.
Il a prepare une these sur la culture allemande et se mit a ecrire un lexique de conversation franco-allemande, ainsi qu'une traduction du [beaucoup moins que]Declin de l'Occident[beaucoup plus grand que] du grand historien Oswald Spengler. Il a redige aussi un essai de science politique, fait la traduction de l'oeuvre de l'Orientaliste allemand Carl Brockelmann sur l'histoire des musulmans et ecrit une serie de trois volumes consacres aux [beaucoup moins que]educateurs sociaux de l'Allemagne moderne[beaucoup plus grand que].
Mailer also valued intellectual thinkers like Oswald Spengler and Jean Malaquais (with whom he fell out).