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The reproductive biology of the tropical rocky oyster Ostrea iridescens (Bivalvia: Ostreidae) on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.
Another review study is the one submitted by Paez-Osuna & Osuna-Martinez (2011), who summarized the information published between 1998 and 2010, on the use of bivalve mollusks in monitoring studies of marine environments in Mexico, among which species of the Mytilidae, Veneridae, Cyrenidae, Mactridae, and Ostreidae families are found.
Muchos bivalvos surgidos en el jurasico continuaron su diversificacion en el Cretacico mereciendo especial atencion los ostreidae (Ostrea, Nicaisolopha (Figura No.
1954 virgiliae * capensis Brachidontes Musculus Millard & Broekhuysen virgiliae * virgiliae 1970 Ostreidae Saccostrea Crassostrea Millard & Broekhuysen cucullata cucullata 1970 Saccostrea Gryphaea Day et al.
En Mexico, la familia Ostreidae se encuentra representada por los generos Ostrea y Crassostrea con 16 especies (Rodriguez-Romero et al.
Previous studies on the two most complex gill systems, the heterorhabdic filibranch (in Pectinidae, i.e., scallops) and pseudolamellibranch (in Ostreidae, i.e., oysters) have shown that gills make their first appearance in the pediveliger larval stage, and that their structural and functional complexity increase until achieving the definitive form in the juveniles (Waller, 1981; Kingzett, 1993; Beninger et al., 1994; Chaparro et al., 2001; Veniot et al., 2003; Cannuel and Beninger, 2006).
Os resultados obtidos registraram a exploracao de cinco especies de moluscos, pertencentes a quatro familias e cinco generos (Tabela I), destacando-se Veneride e Ostreidae como as mais exploradas.
Population genetics of the family Ostreidae. II Interspecific studies of the genera Crassostrea and Saccostrea.
True oysters, which include most of the edible species, have been given the family name Ostreidae; pearl oysters, which produce the highly valued gems, are in a family called Pteriidae.
Entre los multiples desechos de origen animal localizados, sobresalen por su cantidad y presencia en todos los niveles, los restos de especies como venado Odocoileus virginianus, conchas Anadara tuberculosa, Ampullariidae genero Pomacea, Orthalicidae, Ostreidae, Marginellidae, Ellabidae, Corbicilidae, genero Polimesoda, algunos micromoluscos, Thysanorphoridae, Charopidae, Subulinidae, Cecilioides sp, peces de ambiente marino y de rios y tortugas pertenecientes a varias especies.
A complete heirarchical schema for the American oyster distributed along the east coast of the United States is: Phylum: Mollusca Class: Bivalvia Order: Pteriodea Family: Ostreidae Genus: Crassostrea Species: virginica